Okay Smilesallthetime, Another Girl Joins the Party :-)

So I Tickling is the name of this group. . . Hummm, it kind of makes me wonder if there should have been a word placed in there between I and Tickling.  

Do I "Love" Tickling?  Actually I do love being tickled, I'm 100% lee. 

Do I "Crave" Tickling?  Again, it is something I think about so often, I would imagine the definition of crave fits perfectly.

Do I "Fear" Tickling?  Actually a part of me does, especially when I am restrained and the Ler takes his time to instill that fear.  Reminding me just how ticklish I am, how vulnerable all of my ticklish places are.  Not only is that erotic fear button pushed, but it also heightens my awareness of my own vulnerability and that makes me even more ticklish before the first touch.

Do I "Romanticize" Tickling?  Oh yes!  When you have my foot cradled in your hands and your lips and tongue are teasing the tips of my toes and the fingers from your other hand are ever so lightly drifting and feathering up and down the length of my foot.  The perfection of that very romantic tickle has me sighing between the sweetest of giggles as those lovely sensations from your fingers and your lips travel through the nerves in my foot; right up to the very happy center of me.

Do I "Need" Tickling?  Yes, I do!  I need the endorphin rush I get from it.  My skin needs the stimulation of it.  I need the laughter and the helpless tears and the struggling to get away from something that literally drives me crazy!!!   Something that turns me on like nothing else in the world does. 

Do I "Want" Tickling?   Oh yes. . . Please!


Hello from Nicole, this group's newest member! 

Embraceabl Embraceabl
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13 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Great first post. All those verbs.<br />
And really this works with no verb in there, for me.<br />
I love sex and yet tickling has its hooks in me sooooooo deep. It is a different drive but a strong one. I have no idea why it gets to me more than any other "play" but damn.

Hired for what prestidigits?

we cant keep uor fetish secret forever,babe

do you have a secret ticklish spot???

sounds like something i would like to try

i need a real woman to tickle me mad

i could use a big heap of pleasure.Are you up fot it,smiles?

maybe we can talk about a nice spanking session

you are now in tickle hell,if embraceabl is in with you she will also pay

you and smiles are the most erotic folk i have ever ever ever met

yessssss my heart skips a beat when i see or hear it..

the majic word was said many times

that has my heart beating wildly