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My Wifey Tied Up For You

i would ***** my wifey, tie her up and bring her to an Parking lot or in an old house or old factory for you, i lay her down and give you an ok call so you can come and get her... i dont know exactly who you are and what you will do to her and where do you get my honey... tell me what would happen with her...
SexyWifey SexyWifey 31-35, M 7 Responses Mar 8, 2011

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I have set up several Gb / orgie parties and you could play this out many different ways. <br />
a) Guy after guy comming into the room to have his way with her and each time make a deposit in any hole <br />
b) Several guys at once all over and in her, anal , oral and vag Then they are done we could all *** on her <br />
c) Make an adventure where we would have guys at different locations. she ( by herself or with another women) would travel from guy to guy and doing what they wanted ( each session for 15 min ) ( almost like a beer crawl) and then have her/ them meet at a final location for a finale ( gang bang or ****) You would be at the last stop to join / watch or do whatever you wanted.

love this thread and esp wickednyc i ******* love your ideas

If I get a chance to use her, I would definitely keep her for 24 hours of fun. First, I would **** her *** and ***** hard and leave a load in each hole. I would have to suck my **** clean. Then I would have her wear revealing clothes and have a big *** plug up her *** as we go out. I would have her suck my **** and I would **** her in public and in everyone plain sight. If a stranger also have a big ****, he may get some. One would deep throat her until she gags and I will deep **** her ***. She will of course clean both our **** with her mouth and tongue. Let me know if you want to hear more...

I'll tell you what I would do but I'll also be leaving my wife all tied up with rope and gagged and blindfolded for you.

sounds hot to me... but you will have to use a lot of force because her ***** is very tight and her *** is virgin.... would you like to hear her scream while you force in her or should i gag her?

mhhh yes any more ideas on her? perhaps sm or harder??? mhhhh

How long would you like to use her? and please tell me how kiniky you would be to her... as i said, she is yours... and please no limit...