My Aunt

i love my aunt so much she came to knew about my fantasy and she was happy she said me that will you tie me i said sure aunt why not only we both were there and my mom and sister where gone out as i started tying her she asked me have you played bondage games before i said yes i have so i have tied your hands let me bring the scarf which is in my room and i went then after searching for 5 mins i came out with the scarf as i came out i saw my aunt blindfolded and gagged i was shocked like how can she be gagged and blindfolded while i have the scarf let me check out as i was about to remove her gag a hand covered my mouth and before i could see who was that i was blindfolded with my own scarf a cloth was pushed inside my mouth i was struggling another cloth was tied on my mouth then after a while i was naked big fat fingers where inside my ***** and finally i ***'d on the fist then i heard that the same thing was done to my aunt then i was ordered to sleep upon my aunt and when i slept ooh my it was a dream coming true i could feel her breast touching my breast then we where tied together i controled a lot but i couldnt finally i ***'d in her ***** my aunt made some muffled noise's i could feel my and my aunts nipples where getting hard and this time my aunt who ***'d on my legs finally my mom and sister rescued us
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did you find out who did all that to you and your aunt? i think may be you were set up and it was your mum and sister having fun with you both


awesome story, who was the other person?