Tried Lots Of New Things And Came A Lot That Day

While in university I had a very kinky and sexy gf, we tried a lot of new and different things together. We played with toys, anal, role playing, bondage, dirty talking, stripping and lots of other things. One Saturday morning we were lying around in her apartment after a night of partying. I was horny as hell and wanted to **** her so badly. She had gotten up a little early then me and came back to bed wearing a house coat. So I untied the house coat and exposed her ****.  I licked and sucked on her **** for a long time and this got her moaning for more foreplay. I decided that we should remove her housecoat entirely and now had her completely naked. I started to kiss my way down her belly to her thighs and spread her legs. I could see that she was getting wet already and thought I should tease her for a while. I spent the next twenty minutes kissing from her foot to the inside of her legs, never touching any part of her *****.

This treatment was driving her crazy and eventually she tried to pull me head towards her *****. I stopped her and took her hands and placed them above her head. Now that I was close to her face I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth. She moaned and pushed her pelvis up towards me. I let her grind there for a minute and broke our kiss and started my way downwards again. This time I kissed and sucked on her neck , then I kissed and licked all around her **** never touching her nipples. Then I spread her legs again and kissed all around but not directly on her *****. She tried again to force my head to her **** and I stopped her. This time I grabbed her hands with held them together with one hand and pulled the belt from her housecoat off with my other. I then bound her hands together and tied her to the head board. I did tie her tight enough that she could not get away.  I whispered in her ear that she was going to be like this all day long.

My gf had used blindfolds on me in the past and we had discussed using handcuffs but we had never done this before. I knew that my gf loved this as she was grinding her crotch in the air. Since she was in this state I thought I should really take advantage.  I started to kiss her and tell her what was going to happen to her next while I rubbed her ****. She would push her tongue into my mouth and moan every time we kissed. First I described how I was going eat her ***** out until she came all over my face. I would go into detail about how I would force my tongue as far as I could into her ***** hole. Then I would alter going from deep inside her ***** to sucking on her **** as I spread her ***** lips with my fingers. Next I told her how I was going to flick her **** with my tongue and I would replicate the action in her mouth as we kissed. I also told her that I would lick her from her **** all the way down to her *******. I’d stop to describe how I would tongue **** her tight ******* and then go back up to her ****. My gf loved all of this talk and I decided to start everything I just told her.

I went to town on her ***** doing every that I had told her minutes before. I had her ******* in no time. Right after she came I propped her *** up a bit so I could kneel and slide my **** into her wet *****.  I slowly pushed just a little bit of my **** into and then would pull it all the way out. Every time I did this she would moan in protest. Soon I had my entire **** buried in her ****. I would alternate playing with her **** and having her suck on my fingers. While we were grinding away I keep telling her how sexy she was and how beautiful she looked when she just came. I also told her how hot she looked with my **** in her mouth and how good she was at sucking ****. After a few more minutes of grinding against her I took my **** from her ***** and crawled up beside her head and present my **** to her. She opened her mouth and took my head in. I told her that she would be doing a lot more **** sucking during the day. This seemed to enthuse her and she took more of my **** into her mouth. Since her hands were tied she couldn’t jerk me off so she ****** my **** with her mouth. Soon she took my **** out of her told me to “**** my face with your big ****”. I thrust my hard **** back into her mouth and slide my hand towards her *****. I began to finger her **** while my **** slides in and out of her mouth. My gf moaned around my **** every time I would start to rub her g spot. We continued on like this for a few more minutes until I felt like I was close to *******. I pulled my **** from her mouth and went down to **** her ***** again. This time I ****** her very hard and fast while I pulled on her nipples and told her that I was going to *** inside her. She told me to filler her up with ***. My **** unleashed load after load of *** into her *****. We slowed from our hard ******* and grinded against each other for a bit. I continued to play with her **** and asked her if she liked all of that. She said that she did. I told her that I wasn’t done with her yet.

I removed my **** from her ***** and left her tied to the bed with *** leaking from her ***** and her legs spread. I went over to her night stand and grabbed her *****. She couldn’t really see what was going on and did let her see what I had in hand. I got back into bed and began to kiss her and play with her ****. Her nipples were still so hard. I asked her if she had any big plans for tomorrow and she said “no, why?” I told her that we is going to be very sore tomorrow and may be walking a bit funny after all the attention she is going to receive.

Just then I took the ***** and pushed it into her sloppy *****. So slowly I pushed the 8 inch ***** into her ***** and pulled it all the way out. I asked my gf if she liked having her ***** stretched from such a large ****. She said “Yesssss”, then I asked her if she felt like a little **** having a big **** **** her sloppy *****. She said “I am your ****”.

I was very good friends with my gf before we started dating and knew about some past lovers and experiences she had. One particular experience that knew turned her on was from before we were dating. It was at a party, her and her then boyfriend snuck off to a bedroom and ****** on the floor for a while. After her boyfriend was done he went back down to the party and eventually went home. She stayed in the bedroom for a bit coming down from the booze and *******. Another guy came into the room and start hitting on her. She started to kiss him and fool around with him a bit but didn’t take it any further than groping as she had a load of *** in her *****.  She had mentioned to me after the party that she wished she had ****** the other guy.

I began to ask her if this is how she would have liked to be ****** back in that bedroom by the other guys. She said “I wish he would have had this big of a **** and ****** me all night.” This was really getting her going. I asked her what positions would you have wanted to **** him in, she said “I would have ridden his huge ****.” So I pulled the ***** from her ***** and loosed the tension from the head board. Next I took the ***** and pushed it into her mouth and asked her if she liked tasting the *** from the first guy that came in her *****. She moaned with her mouth full of spermy *****. I told her to get on her knees and face the headboard. My gf positioned herself as I had asked. Next I placed the ***** under her *****, she adjusted herself so that it would slide right into her. She moaned as it stretched her ***** out. I asked her what the guy would do to her while she rode him. “He’d play with my ****.” So I began to squeeze her ****. Without prompting she said he would suck on my ****. So I began to suck on her ****, my gf would mutter “your **** is so big keep sucking on my ****”. Soon she was impaling herself on the ***** and moaning loudly. She was taking the entire ***** into her *****. The ***** was covered in my *** and her juices. Soon she moaned “bit my nipple” as I started to do this she screamed “I’m going to *** all over your huge **** keep ******* my *****, ooooooohhhhh godddddddd, yessss, I’m ******* all over your huge ****.” Soon her tempo slowed and she stopped moving all together.

I kissed her and got her to lay down again. Once her head hit the pillow we began to kiss again. She said that was amazing. I told her I hope you enjoyed that. But your **** buddy has a very dirty **** that needs to be cleaned off. I moved the ***** up to her mouth again and she stuck out her tongue and licked every inch of the ***** clean. I decided that it was time for me to get back into action. I pushed the ***** into her mouth and moved so that my **** was right beside her head. I was still limp from ******* earlier. I rubbed my **** on her face as she was sucking on her toy. Soon I pulled the ***** out so she took play with mine. She licked and sucked slowly on the head of my ****. This started to bring my **** back to life. Since I as hard again I started to **** her face once more. I also got her toy and pushed it into her *****. She was not expecting this and jumped a little as it pushed inside her. I would push my **** almost all the way in and just hold it there. While I was being deep throated by my gf I pushed the ***** all the way into her well used ***** and held it there. I would slowly pull both ***** out at the same time. This seemed to get my gf going again. Her hips started to move in unison with the thrusts. Once both ***** were all the way into her ***** and mouth, I asked her if she had ever fantasized about having two ***** at once. As I withdrew my **** from her mouth she said “I ********** thinking about that all the time. I feel so naughty having two ***** inside me. Don’t stop.”

I told her that she was my **** and I would **** her however I wanted too. This scenario continued on for another fifteen minutes or so. Again I knew I was going to *** and picked up the pace for both *****. My gf had her legs spread so wide that I could see her ***** lips which were so pink from being ****** and stretched by this *****. Soon we both started to ***. She swallowed all of my *** and I keep my **** in her mouth. Meanwhile she was moaning and bucking again against the toy.

I decided to take a little break and head off to the kitchen to grab some water and some food. My gf was still tied up but had her eyes closed and her legs spread. Her ***** lips were bright red and swollen.  I told her how sexy she was and began to feed her some food. We talked for a bit and I told her that she is by far the sexiest girl I have ever been with. She said she had never *** that hard and that many times before. We talked more about fantasies and how this was fun for each of us. She asked me if I thought any less of her because we had fantasies about two guys ******* her in a night and having two ***** at once. I told her that it was fine and that she was normal for having fantasies. I also told her that I was happy she could share them with me. She told me that she didn’t actually want to **** anyone else but thought it was sexy as it was taboo to have more than one lover at a time.

All of this talk was getting me arouse again and I started to jerk myself off. My gf was staring at my **** as it started to come back to life. She said “My ***** is sore” and I replied that I said you would be walking funny tomorrow and I meant it. I rolled her on to her side and started to rub my **** up and down her *** crack. She could feel the hardness of my **** on her *** and pushed back against me. I had on hand under her neck and perched right at her breast so I began to message and squeeze them. I also kissed the back of her neck and sucked on her ears. My other free hand would alternate from playing with her other *** and moving down to her ***** and ****. Her ***** felt like it was on fire but it still had *** and juices flowing from it. I was gentle this time around just lightly rubbing her **** and caressing her breast. Soon she was getting more into the mood. But she did say again “My ***** is so sore”. So I came up with another plan, and said I’m not going to **** your ***** I’m going to **** your tight little *******. We wasn’t super excited for this as we had done it a few time but she said I was to big for her tight *******. I rolled her over onto her stomach so I could have access to her ***. I went over to the night stand again and got some KY. I returned to the bed and started to kiss and lick her *** all over.

Soon I spread her *** cheeks and licked her *******. She moaned in approval. I tongue ****** her *** for a while and would alternate licking around it and shoving my tongue deep in her. Now that she had a nice wet ******* I probed her with my index finger. Edging the tip of my finger in just a bit then pulling it out. I put a lot of KY onto her *** and started to work the finger in even more, soon I was up to the knuckle. My gf was pretty relaxed and her ******* accommodated my finger easily. I keep playing with her ******* and soon had my finger all the way in. I would continue to push my finger all the way in and pull it all the way out until her ******* was gaping just slightly. This probably took twenty minutes to do. My gf was comfortable enough with one finger that I thought I should stretcher her out some more with two. I put even more KY on her pucker little hole and began to work two fingers into her ***.

She moaned a little and tightened up. I could tell that she wasn’t sure if two fingers would hurt her or not so I took my time and slowly got both fingers in her. Once both fingers were in her I asked her if she could feel her tight ******* being stretched out and she replied “yes”, I then asked do you like it? And she moaned “yesssss”.  After more of this I had both fingers deep in her *******. I did exactly the same thing as before, pulling my fingers all the way out and pushing them all the way in, until her ******* was gaping just a little bit more.

I was rock hard and decided to finally get my **** into her. I put plenty more lube on my **** and started to try and penetrate her ***. She again got tense but relaxed after a few minutes of me rubbing my **** over her *******. I pushed the tip of my **** into her and didn’t move for a few minutes. While we stayed in this position I played with her **** and told her how tight her *** was. Soon I pushed a little of my **** into her ***, she gasped slightly. I was now halfway into her ***. I played with her **** some more and kissed her neck. After a bit she relaxed again and I pushed myself all the way into her. I was buried all the way in her ***. This time I kissed her neck played with one *** and ran my other hand down to her ****. Her ***** was still hot. I did slow circles on her **** and she moaned. Occasionally, I would slip a finger into her ***** and finger ****** her for a bit.

Soon I had a nice pace of ****** her *** and fingering her *****. We were both enjoying this but I wanted to **** her from behind in the ***. I told her that I wanted to **** her from behind. I pulled my **** from her *** and watched her roll onto her stomach and then she pushed her *** into the air. As I was getting up to **** her in the *** I rolled onto her *****. I picked it up and went over to look at her perfect *** and ***** sitting there ready to be ******. I put her ***** into her ***** and began to **** her.  This is her favorite position and she started to moan instantly. I ****** her like this for a few minutes and notices that her ******* was still open.  I pushed my thumb into her *** and she pushed back against me with all of the weight. Once she was close to ******* I slowed down ******* her ***** and took my thumb from her ***. I positioned a pillow so the ***** would stay in her ***** and climbed up and rubbed my **** on her *******. I pushed my **** against her *** and she said “what are you doing?” I told her that she was going to have a **** in her *** and her ***** at the same time. She told me to go slowly. I put an inch of my **** into her ***. It was even tighter as the ***** was stretching her ***** out. My gf started to moan “I’m so full of ****, **** me like your ****. Fill up both my holes. **** me hard.” I pushed even more of my **** into her and she moaned, “yess, **** your *****.”

We got into a great rythme where I would push my **** all the way into her and she would push back. I could feel the ***** in her *** and told her that she was completely filled with ****. She moaned and told me that “I want you to *** in my ***”. This sent me over the edge and I started to *** again. I told her that her *** is getting filled with *** and that the **** in her ***** was ******* too. This made her have a huge ******. Her *** hole was squeezing my **** and I could feel her contracting her ***** on the ***** in her *****.

Once we stopped ******* we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. My Gf still had my **** in her *** and most of the ***** in her *****. We woke up a few hours later. I untied her and we snuggled and talked about everything we tried today. My gf said she thought she was going to be split in half when I double penetrated her but that she came even harder the last time. We examined her ***** and it was even more swollen than before. All in all it was a great day and we planned to do something like that again.

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Great fun, and the double penetration is sooo mind blowingly awesome. Let me tell ya, feels great to us girls too, those to stiff ***** rubbing together inside.