Dangerous Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Morris Ritz, Has All The Reconstructive/plastic Surgeon Degrees But Do They Make Any Difference?

On 27th August I saw a segment on sixty minutes Australia, called The Beauty Trap. Many people in Australia are calling for tighter regulations in the plastic/cosmetic surgery sector. There is this constant discussion about how GPs with minimal surgery experience can set themselves up as cosmetic doctors. However, it appears that the doctors who have the most training, actually commit the most serious errors. Lauren James is dead after undergoing liposuction with a reconstructive/cosmetic surgeon and Kerry Mullins, who was interviewed on sixty minutes has been left horribly disfigured after undergoing multiple procedures with Dr. Morris Ritz, reconstructive/plastic surgeon from The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. Ms. Mullins did her homeworka nd went to one of the so called "best". She stated that he had an untarnished record and I felt very sorry for her. Dr. Morris Ritz did not have an untarnished record. It is simply that, in our court system, many out of court settlements include the signing away of any right to ever again mention the doctor's name in relation to the found negligence. This makes it impossible for people to ever know for sure whether or not their surgeon has a tarnished record. Kerry Mullins went to Dr. Ritz for a breast lift and tummy tuck and was sold a
Mum's makeover" for $25,000- and Dr. RItz subjected her to many more procedures, each of which should have been performed separately. Ms. Mullins developed an aggressive infection, for which Dr. RItz did not offer any follow up. In fact, after he discharged her from the first hospital, in full knowledge that she had a dark nipple on one breast, Dr.Morris RItz never saw her again. She was rushed to emergency at The Austin hospital by another doctor. There she underwent 22 operations which involved cutting away at her breasts -- bit by bit by bit in order to save her life. She is very disfigured and was brave enough to show the audience the evidence. Meanwhile, all the women that have undergone the same procedures in between the time this occured and the time the segment aired, had no idea that Dr. Ritz had done this. That is unsufficient consumer choice. Let's face it; whatever men like Dr. RItz choose to call themselves, women should think of themselves as his customers, not his patients. That is because he is running a big busioness that has nothing to do with health care, and as such, when he commits this dangerous level of malpractice, women should know about it, in much the same way that would know about the dangerous nature of any other service provider that did wrong.. No ammount of money in compensation will ever make up for Kerry's loss and I think it's criminal that men like Dr. Morris RItz get off so lightly and continue on with no investigation from our medical authorities.
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It is very sad that this had o happen to Kerry Mullins. Why is it that Dr. Morris RItz, who is a fully trained reconstructive/plastic surgeon, did not give his patient proper care when he knew all was not well? This strikes me as very much more serious than medical negligence. I think it's a sort of crime.

This is very sad but true. Dr. Morris Ritz is not someone who should call himself a "doctor". I am sorry but I watched this segment and as someone who is a health care worker, we all know that the longer an operation goes for, the more risks it involves. There is simply no reason to subject anyone to an eight hour operation for no real medical reason. This man did not care for his patient, before, during or after her surgery and this is borne out by the fac that Ms. Mullins won in her out of court settlement. Trust me, Australian doctor's insurers don't pay unless they really know they have to. And they don't do out of court unless they know they'll be landed with the plaintiff's costs and the publcity would be bad for the doctor. Good on you Kerry, for not agreeinng to HUSH MONEY. It is sad but true, that Dr. Morris RItz did not have the untarnished record you thought he had. IT's just that others signed their right to speak about it away. There are many nurses who have worked for Dr. RItz who know he is dangerous, but it's very hard to report him as it might involve our careers. You take good care of yourself Kerry. You are not alone! This man has very serious issues.