The Dark Side Of Science:

This hard-hitting video from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reveals the dark side of science: Genocide, radiation experiments, human guinea pigs, eugenics, genetic pollution, terminator robots and more.

This video reveals why humanity must STOP out-of-control "science" and honor the precautionary principle. END GMOs, toxic vaccine additives, biological weapons and other threats to humanity.

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1 Response Nov 14, 2012

I saw the video that you posted, "The dark side of SCIENCE: Here's what scientists don't want you to see".

One of the subjects that the video mentioned was geoengineering. Our species (Homo sapiens) is doing an enormous geoengineering experiment partly by accident, the experiment of raising the amount of CO2 and water vapour in Earth's atmosphere. For technical reasons, water vapour, Earth's chief greenhouse gas, tends to be about 10 times as abundant in Earth's atmosphere as CO2. If we raise the amount of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere, then we raise the amount of water vapour in Earth's atmosphere as well. At much higher levels of CO2 in the 22nd Century, the ratio of water vapour to CO2 becomes a little bit less than 10 to 1, but it will still be true that more CO2 means more water vapour, which in turn will mean hotter temperatures and therefore more deserts since hotter temperatures will mean that the land will dry out faster during the parts of the year that have less rain.

In the years 2014 and 2015, much of the western USA will see this desertification effect. Climate change deniers will point the finger of blame at the Mount Kelud volcano in Indonesia for its affects in counteracting the weak North American monsoon, and they will be partly right. However, it remains true what I said that hotter temperatures dry out the ground faster during the times that are dry, times such as the typical one year dry period from 6 to 18 months after a volcanic eruption in the tropics.

At the time of this writing (2014.02.20), I cannot predict just which farms around the world in 2014 and 2015 will suffer from the combined drying effects of Mount Kelud and global warming. I can however state that each square kilometer of lost farm land on average will mean that 4,000 people throughout the world will suffer from hunger, and that the thousand square kilometers of farmland that I underestimate will be lost in the remainder of 2014 and in 2015 will therefore mean 4,000,000 hungry people. China is taking steps to vastly expand its irrigation infrastructure in 2014 and 2015, since farmland that receives irrigation water does not turn to dust. The other countries of the world however seem to be sleepwalking into a climatological disaster caused by the increased CO2 and sparked by the Kelud volcano.