So Much & So Many!

I liked going to the adult book stores on the way home from work & preferred to go to 1 of 2 particular booths. Each had a glory hole on 2 sides and a curtain at the entrance. Sometimes all the action was thru the glory holes, other times guys would join me in the booth unzipping as they entered. It didn't matter to me, I took them as they (wink) came. I really liked when there multiples to choose from...both holes filled with hot erect ***** just begging for release and I wanted to bring the relief to them so much. Occasionally,  I would stroll out to the lobby to stretch my legs when they got tired from kneeling & would size up new guys coming in or those standing around the magazines casting looks over my way. It usually didn't take long for visitors to start again after I returned to my little booth. Sigh...when I got home, the weariness, pressure & frustration of the work day was long gone & I was so relaxed and satisfied.

The best evenings were Wednesdays & Thursdays. I usually had little competition over the time I was there. Weekends were filled other hungry cocksuckers like me. It wasn't at all unusual to satisfy a dozen or more in a couple of hours.

janusatv janusatv
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

What nights do you find are the busiest at your local adult bookstore? Or, is there a different night for your glory hole favorites?