Three Years Old, Like Yesterday They Were Born.

Time goes soooo fast, my great nieces, Olivia and Charlotte, turning three, in three sleeps time. They are so excited, they have been having 'happy birthday' sang to them the past few days at their social events, day care,twin club... they are adorable.
Livie wants a 'rubber ducky' and Char, is besotted with 'butterflies', she pins her wings on every day and her too-too skirt. Her very best friend is Dora. Livie is the chatty one, yesterday she pulled up her chair and sat with me and her Mardy [nanna] telling us all about the party they had at twin club.... to be honest I'm besotted by them. My twin grandies are turning twenty next month....... time goes toooo quickly, don't you think?
sharossody sharossody
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Jul 6, 2011