Grand Nieces

My sister, niece and her twin daughters came visiting today. The twins are 19 months old, and the liveliest two since

my own twin grandkids, who are now 18.

You don't know which one to watch, and nothing is sacred with well after 18 yrs you put the china out again!

They went home early because their mother was exhausted.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I have a blog somewhere on my family, in short, 3 girls on the paternal side , we all married Allans, My eldest daughter had twins, my cousins eldest son had twins, now my sisters eldest daughter ha these little

Twins must run in your family! I just can't imagine two l9 month olds. That has to be exhausting!<br />
I guess I should have said, lively twins run in your family!!