Too Tired!!!

My daughter is home today. Well, today was the day I set aside to put together her bed that I bought for her. Big mistake, Why did I think that I could just put the head board and footboard where they need to go that it will go together just like that. HA HA, well I finally got it together after the headboard fell and hit me on the head a few times. Tired but all is GOOD. Just seeing my little girl happy that she finally has a bed and not mattresses on a frame. Makes it all worth while. Now, she jumps on her bed and using the four poster bed like a firemans pole. Now, one more thing to worry about, her getting hurt playing on her bed. I just wanted to give her a big girl room. Love it!!!  Now what about dinner!!! ???? story of my life.

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41-45, F
Mar 2, 2009