I Really Don't Know What To Do Anymore

Growing up with nobody to turn to was really hard for me especially when the only reason is they are always busy. I really didn't understand why my life was just be being alone then one day my mom and step dad got separated and so I was left with him although I really looked up to him as my real father and I love him so much it came to a point where I had to leave home because of his mother and sisters didn't like me I felt really alone that time and I was so mad at my mom for leaving me and my siblings and so I got married and now I have 3 daughters but then i am struggling on how to make things just simple for us to eat 3 times a day and they could go to school. I really don't know what to do anymore since they are trying to kick us out of the house cause we cannot pay it anymore and I don't have a job we can't even eat 3 times a day. I am so confused with my life it's as if problems are my twin. I don't even have a mother to talk to I am so tired I really don't know what to do anymore
khamara khamara
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

thank you and please keep on trying

keep trying I have no money to offer you because you know how hard this world is.
Most of the people are just trying to get by. But I thank you for trying. I thank you for protecting your kids. God bless and reward you. Keep working hard to get to heaven. I my experience I think the best thing on this earth is a mother and childs love. That is the most beautiful and valuable to me