Holiday Fear


What will you give? Will you get enough?
They say times are hard and living is tough.

Child with no toy, girl with no boy
All hope is gone and so is their joy

What would it take to dust off your fear?
Get off of your couch and smile with good cheer?

Walk down the road and open the gate
Morning or night, it’s not yet too late

Offer your ear and listen a spell
Embrace your neighbors and wish them all well

Laugh at their jokes and tell your own too
Share and be merry, become warm and true

Don’t fret that gift that you cannot buy
Visit and comfort, give THAT a try

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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

You did it again, I love your posts.

I am so happy that you enjoyed this one Deanekone. Bless you for your kind words, they always make me smile. xoxo

That would be a most valuable gift!

I thank you for reading and for commenting, have a blessed holiday season.

<p>Awe Lovely Hilly </P><br />
<p>Our Hearts join you. And all that give! My lady and I we make gift bags for the kid's of the farm workers . Books,needed things :) a warm smile is love ~ :) <br />
Blessings sent! X</P>