Common Sense

I have been coming across this problem and it seems to me there is a lack of common sense among employers .
The advert is always the same .
They adverise for some body to do a specific job what ever it maybe then seem to forget that people with experience are getting short on the ground .
Yes it would be lovely if we all lived forever then yes people would have experience and employers would not have to fill vacancies .
However vacancies have to be filled as we all retire or die etc .
So heres the question .How do we find young people with experience if they leave college and are not given a chance to gain experience and prove themselves .
It ends up in a catch 22 and sooner or later employers are gonna have to take them on or go bankrupt when all their EXPERIENCED STAFF leave for what ever reason .
So come on employers get your heads out the sand and give others a chance or on your head be it.
ENOUGH SAID .just makeing a common sense point
For all EP members please comment thankyou.
beastman111 beastman111
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

they may not go bankrupt but they won't have workers. It is sad, experience has lost again.
Businesses are hurting for sure.