Immersed In Femininity ~ A Girl's World

When I was a little girl (or, wanted to be), I loved to hang around my mother and my sister and immerse myself in their world of femininity. The clothes, the lingerie, the hair, the makeup, the shoes and the jewelry were wonderful, but there was more. There were perfumes, lotions, bath oils and scented powders. There were vanities and makeup tables. There were feminine bed spreads and curtains. The furniture was girl’s furniture. There were gloves and hats and fancy buttons. Hand washed lingerie hung in the bathroom, folded into top drawers and laid out on the bed, waiting to be worn. Color was everywhere; in the nail polish, in the panties, in the lipstick, in the dresses, in the shoes, in the bracelets, in the hair, in ribbons, in bows, in dainty little secret places. I watched and learned how they walked (or wiggled), how they held their hands and how their attitudes and the personalities they projected were all deliberate and part of their dressing. And, there was perfect contentment and happiness in this all-girl world. I can’t think of anything more delightful, or desirable today than to be a lady’s maid. It is where I truly belong, this world I also love so much, and where I want to be. Immersed, and happy, in a world of totally sweet, fun and exclusive femininity. It may be a man’s world, but I belong in the lady’s boudoir, thank you. Smiles. kiss

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@ missjulie ... I could not have said that better myself. You expressed my own feelings and experiences perfectly. I remember so well when women used to rustle when they moved and I mourn for the magic of that sensation. It was not just about loving it, it was all so much about wanting, needing, to be part of it. It was magic, happiness and joy! Oh ... the magic world of organza, chiffon, nylons and satins ! To be a real girl again !!! To have every swish and rustle remind you of who you are!!!

I know exactly what you mean. There is something warm, soft, silky, as well as secretive and protecting about femininity that just draws me into wanting to be a part of it, to feel and smell and know what they do. For me, I think it began when I was small ... and heard the siren of their delightful silky rustling in their pretty dresses and underthings as they brushed by me, and demurely seated themselves. The material they delighted my senses, and that was just from a brief passing ... I just knew to be inside, surrounded by such smoothness must be heavenly.

I remember as a child my mom kept my hair very long and curly, lots of people said to her, Oh what a lovely little girl. Most times she just said thank you! Then I remember she had these rather large dolls, maybe about 4 feet tall and she had all kinds of outfits for them. She would put those outfits on me at times around the house, and I'd get to walk around in mom's high heels, bracelets, and clip on earrings, mom never got her ears pierced. Dad was always working at least two jobs, tried to get me into guy things like boxing but I hated it. Instead I liked learning to cook, clean, bake, and decorate with mom. That's pretty much how Jessica came about at a young age. Off and on, Jessica has come out but never to stay.<br />
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Hope we can be friends and chat sometime.<br />
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Hugs, Jessica