The Dream

It's been a dream of mine my whole life to become a Ladies maid, over the years I've meet very few females that enjoy this type of services, I wish I knew why but one day soon I hope to wear my uniform with pride in a Lady's service. I'd love to hear stories or experience from people that have giving or received this type of service

dave470 dave470
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

I have many maid uniforms that my wife has bought me and my favorite is the Pink (my signature color). She requires me to wear them often but not often enough for me. There is something double fun about doing household services at her demand and then also rewarding for the uniform that I enjoy while doing so. My fantasy is for her to take me in full uniform to clean another woman's house and turn her Mistress duties temporaraly over to that woman while my wife stays and watches TV with her or just chats. This is not to say sexual duties but just to use me as a legitimate sexy maid. She has helped me in developing my breasts and they are now 34 C which we both enjoy. The only problem is I have become so fond of them that I don't usually try to hide them in my men's clothing with a sports bra but instead choose a regular bra and let them push against my shirts and love it all. Padded bras are not necessary and I feel I must wear a bra every day for the rest of my life simply for support since my breasts aren't sagging nor do I want them ever to. Yes we are still growing my breasts larger and don't really know that I want to stop them, I do love them so very much and when we make love she loves to caress them that even adds more to both of our pleasure.