I Want To Be A Sissy Boy Or And An Male Who Wants To Be A Little Girl!

i love littiel boys who have always wanted to wear cute pretty liitle girls dress skirts  slips panties and also males who have always wanted to transform back into and those who hae always wanted to become rel little girls i would love to be a little girly girl girl  to dress and act and behave as little girls do to be a female little girl!

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i feel the same as you. i am that kind of guy. tho i dont want to be a girl 24-7 just sometimes i like to be a baby toddler or litle girl. GREAT thoughts tho. should chat sometime.

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i grew up being my mom's perpetual "little girl" for almost 19 years. in fact, it wasn't until i was about to start going to school, that i learned that i had a "birth defect", and that was why i needed to wear diapers all the time, and why i wasn't really a "girl" either.<br />
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but, going to school, was the only time i wasn't dressed and treated as a little girl. as soon as i would get home from school, my mom would hand me a filled baby bottle, lead me by the hand to my room, change my diapers, and dress me as the little girl i would always be, until she passed away. by then, i was hooked for life, on being a gurl. so, i learned how to finally change my own diapers, and went on to explore life as a big gurl. but, i've never stopped enjoying putting on one of the pretty dresses my mom handmade to fit me in my late teens, and going out and about like i did with my mom. enjoying the pleasures that got me off so often back then.<br />
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thanks for bringing this up. feels good to know i'm not the only one who feels this way.<br />
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little girl its just so romantic<br />
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hope you make it if you have the heart