I Have To Be Locked In A Chasity Device Till Christmas - I'm Stuck And Can't ********** At All!

To get some stuff done around here and to try to loose 5 lbs access to my penis has been held ransom until I accomplish some goals.

Goals By Christmas:
  • loose 5 lbs or 1 inch waist size
  • To clean various areas
  • To write up experiences and historic info

To provide the boy significant motivation to get things done and to loose weight, his access to self gratification through stimulating his penis will be withheld.
Loss of access to the keys to the lock preventing the boy access to his penis will focus his resolve toward the goals. 
Further humiliating methods will be used to make the process less pleasant, more noticeable and more motivating. 
Regular forced yet unpleasant cumm flow will be caused by milking (5 minutes minimum) to help maintain the boy's health.  
Overall, if the boy fails to accomplish goals in a reasonable time the boy needs increasingly unpleasant levels of punishment. 

Immediately the boy will pee and will be weighed naked and will have his waist size measured, record here:
      Boy's weight=163.5
      Boy's waist=36  
Scrub penis with alcohol  
Insert penis in white plastic pullout preventor  
Don external rubber catheter  
Put on retention hoop behind balls with steel pins  
Lube with soap and add chastity restrictor tube  
Don incontinent briefs

Key location and rules:  
Keys to the boy's chastity cuff will remain accessible for at least 24 hrs to allow adjustment  
Once settled they will reside at two very remote locations  
Keys will be brought home on last day before break and will remain in car until goals are completed

Once at least per week the boy will be milked and his goo saved  
Once per week the chastity device and external catheter will be removed for cleaning and inspection  
More external catheters willbe ordered  
An advanced chastity belt will be invistigated
The boy's waist and weight will be measured  
Boy will wear incontinent briefs at all times other than when standing in shower for cleaning  
Incontinent briefs will be left up as the boy pees only and they will be at his ankles when he is sitting going to the bathroom  
At night the boy must cover his briefs with waterproof protective plastic or rubber pants

Requirements for release:  
A one inch waist reduction or a five pound weight reduction after peeing  
Cleaning up of shed, all outside activities will involve proper rubber footwear  
Covering of AC  
Cleaning/organizing of far end and ************ room  
The boy will write and post two new high school chastity chapters  
The boy will document this process and will create a goal in Experience project

Penalty for failure to adhere to this by escaping from the penis cuff:
The boy will be milked initially   
The boy will have a butt plug inserted 
An advanced chastity belt will be ordered
The boy will be mastrubated with a very high level of repeating electrical shock and keys very well secured to his release to ensure continued violent shocks after *********** while he struggles to get keys out of tall fully laced work boots along with tall five buckle rubber over-boots    
Electrodes will be tested on rear and on base of penis plus behind balls along with metal butt-plug   

Penalty for failure to accomplish all goals on time:  
Chastity device will NOT be removed from boy's penis!
No deserts may be consumed  
Nothing may be consumed after dinner and before breakfast other than water  
The chastity device will be upgraded to a serious metal device and installed upon receipt   
Email outlining program will go to Hot mail  
Daily updates will go to Experience Project   
Rubber boots will be inventoried   
Rubbers will be inventoried  
An aggressive sale of rubber boots and rubbers will begin on eBay
Daily exercise program of twenty squat thrusts, twenty sit-ups, ten flights of stairs will happen daily   

After Jan 10 if goals are not accomplished:  
Chastity device will NOT be removed from boy's penis!
All above punishments will continue  
Junk-food will be discontinued  
Chocolate will be discontinued  
Salt will be discontinued  
Exercise will be doubled  
Rubber raincoats will be inventoried  and sales on eBay will begin of unwanted ones
Blue jeans will be inventoried and sales on eBay will begin of unwanted pairs
daily exercise will double
A hose to a bag will be used at all times to pee
An advanced chastity belt will be ordered

After Jan 25 if goals are not accomplished:  
Chastity device will NOT be removed from boy's penis!
The boy will now be milked daily and the goo saved  
The boy will suffer a butt-plug during exercise and all night
A Foley catheter will be installed and changed every 48 hrs
A leg-bag will hold pee from the catheter
Above punishments will continue  
Food will be cut in half -Breakfast, lunch and dinner will continue but reduced by 50% in quantity  
Sneakers will be inventoried and sales on eBay will begin
Cumm'd sneakers will be shown on groups and offered for sale and if not wanted, cleaned.       
JimmyBenson JimmyBenson
41-45, M
6 Responses Nov 30, 2011

This was an amazing motivational tool for me. It was also kind of scary too. I was lucky and very motivated so with the exercise and the reduced intake I did lose the weight and about an inch plus I managed to get all of the chores done before Christmas. The downside is that with the spelling and grammer issues plus my failure to keep up my posting I had my hands handcuffed behind my back from the 23'd till the 7th at night and lost computer use. Being handcuffed, by the way, really cuts down on your nighttime snacking!<br />
<br />
I'm out of the dreaded chastity thing for the moment but I'm now shopping for a serious metal version that has a hoop that locks behind your balls and another that goes around your waist. <br />
<br />

Jimmy,<br />
<br />
How about an update? Christmas has come and gone.<br />
<br />
Did you reach your goals or are the ransom demands being ramped up?<br />
<br />

Hi, <br />
I'm using the thicker (non-condom style) catheter and it's an amber colored rubber with a bulge thing at the end. It does kink but not too bad. It has sticky stuff that sticks amazingly well to my penis, all the way from the tip up my shaft.<br />
<br />
The soap washes out just fine and I'm left with the rubber sticking to the inside of the tube very well so there's no chance of stimulation I'm afraid.<br />
<br />
I tried various types of plugs but decided that the training pants work best anyway.<br />
<br />

Great post. Keep us informed.<br />
<br />
What type of condom catheter are you using? Is it self adhering or not and does the non-kink bulge in the end protrude out of the end of the cage while wearing? ( Provided it is the type with the bulge. )<br />
<br />
Do you rinse out the soap after the cage is on? I would imagine that the rubber will sort of adhere to the cage if the soap is removed and then pretty much prevent obtaining any stimulation while trying to have an ******. This would also reduce the chance of escaping from the cage. An additional security measure would be to pierce the tubing of the catheter and pass the hasp of a padlock through the holes and then escape would be nearly impossible.<br />
<br />
I am going to have to experiment with this myself since it also will decrease the frequency of removal of the cage for cleaning. I have never had much luck cleaning while wearing the cage. I have a 6000 and have made a larger ring since the stock largest one is just a bit too small.<br />
<br />
If you have problems with the urine not draining a possible solution might be to plug the end of the catheter between times you urinate.<br />
<br />

Again I had trouble sleeping because of a pain under my balls from the hinge and from the fact that my balls are squished out and it's hard to position my legs when on my side, so I don't end up squishing them inward!<br />
I wore my super training pants and my plastic diaper pants last night and had to pee twice. It's impossible to get all the pee out of the rubber urinal catheter so it leaks into my training pants when i put it away, which is okay. <br />
What's not okay is after I took off my nighttime training pants and put on my daily briefs (with a plastic protection la<x>yer in the front) I noticed that since I'd worn them on and off for a few weeks they were getting pretty stinly of dried pee and a bit of dried *** (I really have a mastrubation problem!). Anyway since all of my other "special" briefs were even worse I wore a normal pair of underpants which I was not supposed to do. The question now is what punishment fits this issue. I did milk myself for ten minutes and still I get very little *** out, what am I missing? I also tightened the bolt holding the penis tube to the retention ring that holds my CB3000 behind my balls and it's 1/4 inch tighter which is way tighter!<br />
<br />
What else? I know I have to post pictures.<br />
<br />
But I need to hear what you all think.

I woke several times last night with painful erections, manly from the pullout preventor thing but wow, I'm really stuck without control or access to my penis - very freaky.<br />
I left the second key across town so now I'm really stuck.<br />
I found peeing with the rubber external catheter was really odd but it sort of worked but standing is not great and then when I put the thing back away after peeing it dumps pee in my protective underpants and I even had the rubber end come put and wet the inside of my jeans.