Chastity Is What You Make It

Since my divorce a little over 2 years ago, I have fallen in love with the idea of a wonderful dominant woman that will control male chastity for me. This mutual decision was based upon my desires to remain true to her despite the possible temptations while I was away from her, and my desire to live in a female lead relationship. Although I seldom wear my steel chastity cage, my Mistress teases me at every opportunity, but seldom allows me to ******. She shames me into begging to ***, causing me to become more dependent on her for an ******. We discussed my desire for a female lead relationship, which she whole heartedly agrees with. She has begun to enjoy the fact that I remain chaste during times of separation. She has also begun to take the lead on other aspects of our female dominate relationship. I have begun to wear ladies panties everyday that she picks out for me. . I have grown to love the feeling of being sexually controlled by her. She has grown to love controlling me and dispensing additional discipline (s[spankings) when I don't perform chores or assignments that she has given me. Will we continue this type relationship when we are finally living together everyday. Yes! We both enjoy the intimacy and the direction this path has taken us together. Do I expect greater changes when we live together? Yes, I expect that she will have a daily list of chores that I perform to her satisfaction and that I will receive extensions of time in the cage or spankings if the chores do not meet her expectations. We have both grown and expanded our love for one another.
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11 Responses Jan 6, 2013

i have been in chastity lock in cb3000 for 15 years i dont **** wife just please her oral she punished with spankings
i am dress in panties an do all house work

You better do everything in your power to keep this woman happy. You most likely will never get this chance again. Woman are the SUPERIOR SEX and should freely have as many lovers as they want. Don't blow it by getting jealous. You have won the lottery with this woman. Let her feminize you to whatever extent she wants. Maybe she will bestow the honor of putting you on hormones and turning you into a MtF transsexual. What an honor that would be!!!

Are you ever allowed to **********? Do you get hard when you put panties on? Would you like her to turn you into a sissy? Would you have gay sex if she asked you to?

good you must obey her just lik ei have to obey wife she has key an does not plan to unlock me at all
i do house work i wear panties im her sissy boy an slave

Except for the long separations, you sound like you have a great flr! Let us know how this develops, and good luck, lucky *****!

Are you locked up now? Do you try to get some relief by prostate action?

Does she make you dress up and send her pictures of what you wore?

I am so happy for you that you have found the women of your dreams, and that you have a long and happy submissive life. I habe also been lucky enough to find the love of my life, and am locked in a CB-6000 and under her total control so i understand your lifestyle. I hope the best for you and your goddess

Loved the story. Sounds like great times. Wish you lots of luck.

Very nice -- is she also chaste or can she obtain satisfaction as she desires?

Excellent -- you are building the basis for a strong relationship. I wish you many years of submissive happiness.

Love your story!

It is a wonderful experience to be contolled by a SUPERIOR FEMALE!! All males should be
caged and controlled!!

slave john

I am thinking about just buying one, can you speak about your experiences with different chastity devices?