Naked Friends

I have a neighbor Bill who is my age and I have suspected for some time is attracted to me. I have also been a home nudist for many years as well but kept this from Bill because I wasn't sure how he'd respond. well today I was brave he came over to visit and I answered the door in the nude. he didn't seem upset...I invited him in and told him my secret for the first time...he just shrugged his shoulders and said no big deal...I said I would go get dressed and he said ok so I went and put on a robe....we sat and talked for ages...he asked about my nudist and I told him...he seemed interested...we talked of other things as well...when he left he said to me " don't worry about being NAKED around me I'm fine with it".....hmmmm perhaps this may develop...who knows....
hegal7722 hegal7722
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

thanks Jimmy

No problem, wish that friend was me. I love to be naked with another naked man.

it would be fun for both of us

A good start. Hope it works for you.