I Got Caught Tonight

i was changing a flat and i had to pee so I opened up the passanger door and went after it till I heard someone comeing up behind me I turned around it was a female cop and I was holding my **** in my hand peeing. She asked me what I thought I was doing and I said peeing she said you know it is aginst the law I told do what you have to do. well she let me off with a warnind as she handed me my copy she smiled at me and winked.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

ummmm no offense... but that sounds a little hard to believe.. every cop car has video and audio..

the town i live in only has 1 cop and he has been there for years he took a week off it was his replacment the car thay use don't even have a cage in it.lol.

for what it's worth.. the town I grew up in had one cop car during the week, and two on the wknds..
you're saying there was 1 cop that worked 24/7.... c'mon... you enjoyed a nice fantasy, but not reality

no he didn't work 24/7 he only worked 6-6 everday
. we only had 60 people living there.