Daddy's Little Angel

I crave to be the best submissive possible. I am anything my Daddy wants me to be. I am his fucktoy, *****, ****, cumslave, ****, little girl, beautiful, sexy etc. etc.Typing and proclaiming what I am to him makes me so dripping wet for my Daddy. I am more than his sex slave and the thought makes me happy.

My D/s relationship with Daddy has been very complex. He has been in and out of my life for many years but every time I welcome him. No one in this world compares to my Daddy. He is the only true example of a Man I know. He is so strong, intelligent, goal oriented, no nonsense, patient, calm, stable, comforting, supportive, family oriented, and much more. He knows truly what is best for me because he knows me somehow. I am amazed by how much he knows about me like he has a book named Erica and has read and memorized it from cover to cover. Maybe he just knows what I need emotionally which stems into the physical. He listens to me and really understands me sometimes better than I understand myself. He pleases me by allowing me to open wide for him. I bloom for him and only he sees the innermost part of me that longs to serve, please, and kowtow.

He understands that I want to be controlled. For so long, I have been the bread winner and the leader. I have taken care of people starting with my family. I have always wanted them to be happy. I have met boy after boy who took my niceness for weakness and use me to get what they want. The only fulfillment I received was the act of giving of myself. Despite it all, I can't stop giving of myself. My Daddy sees this in me. The difference with him and the others is that he has never ever used me. My encounters with my Daddy gives so much to my spirit. I am free to just be. Be totally me. Most people never ever get to experience this type of freedom. The you that is all of you and not just a part of you. Just doing what he ask of me brings me joy. He deserves my submission. He deserves to own me. He won't ever misuse me. My Daddy knows exactly how to handle the gift of my wanting to please. He brings me happiness. He understands how beautiful, feminine, sexy, and protected I feel when he takes hold of me and lead me according to not just his will but our will.

With a Daddy like this, why wouldn't I want to be the very best submissive I can be?
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Jan 3, 2012