Cuckold By My Dominant Wife

As soon as we got married my wife took up the dominant role, it was not long befor she had me doing the housework & she was wearing black leather outfits, she looks good in leather & knows she turns me on. It was not long befor she wanted to take the dominant role a bit further & soon introduced me to a whip & bondage, She was now in total control the dominant side of my wife was getting stronger she could now do just what she wanted, i am made to stay at home in bondage & she will go out dressed in her sexy leather wear & will always come home with one or two of her studs to satisfy her this is not always done in front of me it depends on the stud sometimes it is done in the room next door but she knows i can hear her having sex & enjoying herself
Bonky16 Bonky16
1 Response May 19, 2012

She could do anything she wants if she wore those boots everyday.