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I am in a relationship with a cross dresser  who i love with all my heart,but there are times i feel that he doesn't feel the same although he says he does.i would do anything for this time he only dresses up when we are alone out of fear of losing his job, family and friends,but he hopes to have surgery i told him to go for it.he is a great guy and i don't think that whats in the pants that makes a person who they are.

whiteswan17 whiteswan17
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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Hello Whiteswan - and thanks for sharing your story. Crossdressers tend to be closeted - we prefer to keep our secret to ourselves or to only share the secret with a select few. However, you mention he wants surgery...which I am assuming is SRS...sexual reassignment surgery. If so, he is actually a transsexual - which is something quite different than a crossdresser. Granted, a transsexual will crossdress. But the classic crossdresser (or transvestite) is someone that simply enjoys wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Transvestites don't want to become a member of the opposite sex.<br />
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And this differentiation may not matter to you. But I bring it up because you claim you feel that he doesn't feel the same way about you. It might be something to consider discussing with him/her further. Many MtF (male to female) transsexuals are attracted to men.