For Piggy Ah Piggy!

Allow me to share my longing for a real Dolcett submissive piggy who wants to donate her soft sweet flesh to a hungry butcher. Where are you my pretty longpig, where are you at this very moment? You know you were born for me to one day butcher you! Put your hand on your soft, warm throat, place your thumb and forefinger on either side your bony gullet and feel your heart beating through your thick carotid arteries. After raping you for weeks beforehand, I bind you for the last time, rape you for a last time, and put my hand under your chin. I push your head back so far it feels to you that your neck will break, fully  exposing your throbbing throat to my other hand, the one with the knife in it. I  place the blade on your thoat, I press it into your soft flesh, and cut, cut, cut through your gullet and then all the veins and arteries, and  immediately your hot red blood fountains out of the fatal wound, as we climax explosively for the last time! The two crimson jets of steaming blood slow down to the rythm of your pumping heart as you gasp through your severed windpipe, your body starts to twitch beneath me, I start raping you again as you start dying from the loss of blood, and then cut through your neckbone. As I sever your spinal chord your body jerks violently for a last time and then goes limp. I proceed to cut your head off and place it next to your left shoulder. I get off and out of your body that is now lying limp and still warm, ah!, now let the slaughter begin!

I knock two stakes into the sand, stretch your legs open and tie your feet to them, then I  knock another two stakes into the sand for your hands and tie them to it, your limp dead body is now spreadeagled and waiting for the blade.The blade which I then press on the base of your throat/neck, and with which I then proceed to expertly cut right off your corpse, this I then place in the meat-bucket. I next place the blade between your breasts, gently press down on your warm flesh, and carefully cut open your skin to your mons venus, exposing your bulging intestines. Taking the mass of innards by both hands I gently tease them out of your body and place the soft mass of coils between your legs. I reach into the steaming cave that was your belly and search for place the guts enter into your diaphram just under your lungs, quickly severing that particular tube, so that all your guts now lie in a neat, clean heap between your legs. Ah, now to get to the heart! I put the blade into the cut between your breasts an open your chest. First I pull your lungs out and look! see, they are intimately connected to your heart, which I then separate from your lungs with a couple of slices with my trusted blade. Your heart joins your neck/throat in the meat-bucket. I look at my pork - yes, I have slaughtered you like the piggy that you are, you were born for this, for me alone! Now I cut your arms off at the shoulder and separate your lower- and upper arm, the meaty upper arm goes into the bucket, then the next one, leaving your lower arms with the hands still tied to the stakes. Now your head and lower arms are separated from your gutted torso. Now your legs: these I slice off just under your sex, then I cut them off just above your ankles, leaving me with ALL THAT MEAT. Ha, now to cook and eat your lovely soft, sweet meat! FOOD OF THE FALLEN GODS!
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