Till Death Do Us Part

I spoke those words nearly 24 years ago to my best friend. She did not leave, she did not want to go .... but God called her home and now I am alone. She lives on in my heart and in our kids.

but no matter how many happy memories, or how many hugs I get from my kids, I want to find someone again who will never leave me. My kids are on there way out, which is as it should be I always knew they would end up leaving. We trained them so they would be ready to.

My arms empty as I lay in bed at night, my mind is filled with questions, could there be another one for me? Could there be someone who would just love me for being me? Someone to smile when I come home, someone to call me on the phone and make me smile, someone I could call my own. Someone who would want to stay with me, and never leave.

I hope I find someone some day. To Matti, I promised to be true, and I promised I would be there until death do us part. I kept those promises, I loved her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I loved her and I never wanted her to leave. I long to find another love like that someday. I know that if I say those words again, I will love that woman until the very end.

I would never leave my love if I ever find her, I know she is there somewhere. When I find her I think I will know. When our eyes meet, I will know, when our hands touch I wll never want to let go..... when our hearts become as one .... I would never be able to leave her .... and I would never want her to leave me.... Till Death do us part

SantanaRex SantanaRex
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Love works in mysterious ways. I hope you find her too.

I can feel that story comes from your heart. I wish you will find a special lady who deserve your love and share her love with you. You should realize that you are lucky one. You found her once and had memories with her. trust your luck, you will find her again :) Just one thing, never give up from your dreams. Dreams are everything and dreams create your reality :)<br />
Peace, love and light,<br />