First Time

I love doing anything that makes me feel female. From going with the girls to get my nails done to using vaginal moisturizer in my "boy *****". Im actually posting this to invite your questions more than anything as im quite comfy with the ***** in me lol But the most nerve racking and satisfying was my first time to get a full set mmmm felt incredibly female and looked sexy as hellll
nikkiboy nikkiboy
36-40, T
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

No dont get aroused jus feeel more fem and lovin bein one of the girls. Most of my gf know they all come and raid my closet lol.

Nikki, so do you get aroused when your getting worked on at the salon? Or do you just feel sexyer when you'r all done? If you got a full set, how long did you keep them? did you get to go home and use them on your , wife, girlfriend, boyfriend? Do you have an outlet to play in/with when you want to feel more girly? Do your girl friends" know you have a wish to be more lady like? or did they just think you where being a good sport? See ya, Kelly