Pedicures & *******

Ok I'm a Big tough scary Marine type. I'm most often the biggest & strongest man in the group or even if I was at the gym, in the free weights, I'm almost never, not the Biggest, you get the pic? Well my older brother who is not quite as big, but two times as macho, comes up to me on day and goe's on and on about how great it felt to get a pedicure, and how I had to go try this! I was thinking he had lost it, and was realy beginning to wonder about him, you know? Not judging, just started to wonder if he didnt have some pent up need to be a little girl like behind closed doors. Well we are out in the country and he says, " Hey! were right by the place I told ya bout, lets go right now, you gotta try it. You get a pedicure, and I'll go get the stuff accross the street at the tractor supply". OK, I told him I'll try it if your serious. So I went in and these big massage chairs with, well you know what a pedicure salone looks like. I sit down and the lady is in front of my, on a tiny stool, she is whearing painted on spandex, and could not have had panties on, I could literaly see a lip on one side of her vaginas outline, and I could clearly see her almost three quarters of an inch long clitoris thru her pants. I was very happy, and thank goodness for the magazine I had, or it would have been obvious how much I was aroused. The lady is doing the most amazing things to me, my feet, massaging my leggs, my back is getting pounded by the chair, and I was moaning audibly and telling my salon girl how amazing and wonderful I was feeling. Well then right next to me comes in a lady who was haveing her 29th birthday and her aunt was treating her to the works, she started on the pedicure and while she recieved the same treatment as me, I didnt know if she was as impressed with the view between our salon girls leggs or not, but I can tell you this. That with in 5 minutes the young lady sitting next to me, was rubbing her bottom unmistakenly forward and back on her vibrating seat, she was closeing her eyes, and had turned her head toward me, and it was also impossible to mistake, her moans, and thrashing, and her breathing was clearly seen thru her close fitting cotton tank top, she was climaxing, and I was in amazement when I thought she would explode if she did not get to ******, the girl working on her seemed to know just where to push on the soal of the girls foot, and just how to bend it, and the grimmus, and clear release in the face of the girl, was plain and clear. She gave me a thank God look for a moment as she finnished and opened her eyes, and faced forward and began to speak again, in gratitude for how wonerful a job the salon girl had done. I was paying and setting up my next appointment, when the girls aunt was about to sit and start her pedicure, and the ****** girl jumped and grabbed her aunts arm, and said NO! wait just a second and I'll be up, you have to wait for my girl, she is the one you want, trust me." I'v been back several times, never had the girl orasm next to me again, but am always very horney when I leave. Actually last time I went I advised I would be there a little early, and when I was done, I wanted my girl, (yes I know her name) to come out to lunch with me, I hope she doesnt change her mind.
ozzfreeman ozzfreeman
41-45, M
Aug 11, 2010