Moving Ahead

I've already told of a couple experiences with my friend Charlie and how my wife would suck his **** every time he came over our house or we visited him at his apartment.  She liked going there because she could "act out" her fantasy of being used (sometimes making believe she was a kidnap hostage) and he had such a nice "monster" ****.  The clincher was after she started ******* with him. We were in bed and she asked him to put it in after she sucked on him for a while, which he obliged.  He ****** her a little and then the two of them rolled over to where he was on his back and she straddled him.  What a view with his **** in her and she slowly riding up and down on it (I love her ****).  Anyway, she asked me to put my **** in her *** so she could feel a real DP.  I tried like hell to get it in her but couldn't seem to fit it in with his big bone in her like there was no room for anything else.  So she asks me to lick her ***...his **** is halfway into her ***** and he's just slowing pushing in and out and she's laying on his chest with her *** in the air...and she wants her *** licked...Boy, did I.  This was a first for me.  (As a side note, after this I bought an 8" **** toy at the adult store and would play with her while I mouthed her ***** and *** which turned out to be something she really liked when we weren't entertaining another male guest) At any rate, I felt a bit uncomfortable at first being so close to Charlie's **** but I had my tongue in her *** so deep it might have felt like a **** in there too.  After I got her all wet and juicy (she ended up really liking this kind of thing too), I got up to try again.  I asked Charlie to pull out a sec and slid my **** into her *** and then Charlie put his **** back into her sweet little cunty and we proceeded to **** her brains out.  I confess I couldn't last long, this was the closest thing to heaven I could get.  I could feel Charlie's **** rubbing against my **** as he pushed into her and I think he could feel me.  What about her?  Well, all she could say between breaths, gasps and pants was "Uh...Uh...Uh...don't...ever...stop ....ILOVE...****...**** me...Uh...Uh...****...****...****... and then had an ****** like I never saw before.  Charlie and I both came at that point.  He must have *** quite good too cause she remarked he had some kind of driving force with each spurt.  He had pushed his huge **** in her as far as he could when he was ******* which means he probably reached her throat from the inside. I came really good myself, I swear I even had tingles in my hair.  All the way home, she was a little chatterbox and all she could talk about was ****, and sucking and ******* and wanting more.  I just loved seeing her having such intense pleasure.  There would definitely be more, a lot more and there was.

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2010

That was awesome

The experience was AWESOME! Her cunty was just so wet and juicy with Charly's monster probing her I could feel her pleasure myself!

A really good friend :)

a fun friend too

This story made me **********! I came so hard thinking about you and your friend ******* your wife!

I wish I was there to help! You've got me hard just thinking about it...

No offense taken from anyone here. I know '**** ' may sound derogatory but it isn't used that way here. In the bedroom I want her to be a **** because we enjoy sex so much and sometimes even moreso when we are sharing. It is just so totally deliciously obscene...

I agree, can't do her enough either