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I wish I had known that this fetish is so widely practiced when my wife and I were struggling to c um to terms with what was going on in my head.

Yesterday I was chatting with a member of our circle, when after a couple of hours realized that the guy was a little nervous, I think because he was more interested in what I would like to do to his wife. I do not really have the burning need to fu c k anyone else's wife, but can appreciate beauty and do get hard when thinking about having sex with other women. I also know exactly what I would have someone else do to my wife, and the bitter sweet pain I enjoy  when either a witness to her consensual adultery or when getting the gory details of from my wife.

So I went on to give him some of my fantasies. He relaxed and started to reply at lightning pace. I guess he was w a nk i ng as I said some of these things.

He disappeared, probably because I was trying to keep some of my thoughts on another s ex talk experience that my wife were having on-line with another couple. Are my wife and I ***** or what?

This is when I realized that we really do need a club for cucks and their women. A place that we can all be who and whatever we want. A place where people like me can develop our needs and *** to understand them, or just enjoy them. Imagine the coffee shop in 'our' club. Instead of avoiding people, we could say whatever we needed or whatever **** to mind. We could have joint sessions with role playing at a speed that allows for questions, no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it maybe to the cucks and there wives in the early stages of their development.

I apologize to that person and promise that when I get back from my business trip that we will share some quality cuck time together.


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This is a interesting thing. Upon checking in the dictionary, being a "cuckold" isn't a particular pleasant experience for the male-half of the couple. However, the desire to see one's wife, or significant other, having sexual episodes with other people is a common fantasy that many couples act upon. So, sign me up for the group. I want to observe what people judge as the pros/cons of this activity.

Hi Wyvern,<br />
<br />
Why dont you let her 'find' some of your web pages that you've browsed,making sure that the topic is of interest to her (based upon yourknowledge of her). Or even better call her to have a look at a story of particular interest, saying that you find it intriguing. You can then bring up the subject in the 3rd person. Later on when talking about stepping up your sex-lives, drop a hint that it may be worth trying. The subject will heat up from there.<br />
Failing the above, give her my contacts.............who knows where we will ***.<br />
<br />
Good luck and keep us in the picture

Denver, Westminster, Boulder Colorado here. Sign me up, Cuck-Coffee, I've wanted this, dreamed about this, and have begged locals to meet me for coffe and cuck chat. Awesome to see someone else on the same page.

Hi Princess, I will contact you from my yahoo account which is mtmulltitalented.<br />
Look forward to chatting.<br />