Making a Difference

  I want to make a difference and I am. On a personal level I have rescued horses,dogs and a cat. The cat now lives with my Mother and the dogs and horses are here with me. I know for certain if not for me they would be dead now. I'm not the only one that has rescued animals there are millions like me out there.

  Now I still want to make a difference and I'm trying REALLY hard to so are over 47,000 other people like me that are signing a petition to help a grief stricken pet owner. You can read the story at and sign the petition to put the scumbags behind bars that murdered their much loved puppy Peanut. Folks, animal cruelty doesn't get anymore personal or violent than this. Please join their fight to stop animal cruelty. Its a start.

         THANK YOU

betchaboots betchaboots
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2009

Hey Satire, you can still go to and sign that petition for the murdered pup's owner. If I'm not mistaken that's where the petition is being filed. People all over the world have signed that petition. <br />
THANK YOU so very much !!

er, What can I do in Australia?