I Love Female Foot Soles

It all started when i was in pre -school. I was best friends with our neibours son. We lived 2 houses from each other. His mother was very pretty and I couldnt help staring at her feet all the time. she liked walking barefoot.. i always had a feeling she knew how much i was looking at her feet. we use to play games with her like grabbing her feet and tickle it. i always took a sniff while tickling. one day i was looking for my friend and his mother opended the door. after informing me that he was out with his dad i noticed we were alone in the house.

she invited me in and said that they would be home any minute. i knew that i had one chance of getting close to her feet and that time was not on my side. i just took a deep breath and asked her if i could sniff her feet. she looked at me and said OK. she walked to her bedroom and took off her high heels. i couldnt believe my luck. she reminded me that they could be home any minute. i didnt waste any time. i sniffed and licked the swetty  blonde soles. she poined her toes and i licked her wrinkled soles. it was amazing. it really feels like a dream come true. she told me that she loved the feeling of my tongue and breath on her feet.

would you like me to post the rest for you?

footslavetoyou footslavetoyou
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

What did they (gulp) smell like?

yes post asap

of course I would love to hear the end of the story - you are so lucky to have her say yes to your request. I don't think I would have the courage to ask the question.