I Want To Take A Vacation To An Abdl Nursery...

I would love to take a vacation to an "adult baby diaper lover" nursery.  I can imagine the whole entire scenario.  My mommy and daddy would pick me up at the airport and check my diaper.  I would of course be wet and my mom would take me into the bathroom and change me.  They would put me in a car seat for the ride home and give me a warm bottle.  Once we got to the nursery, they would change me into some adult baby pj's and get me all warm and snuggly.  Then I would get bottle or breastfed.  I would be put down for a nice nap in a crib.  When I wake up, mommy or daddy is standing over me with a dry diaper.  
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I would like you to pick me up at the Airport and we can Baby each other!! Everything you have said is great and more!! I want a Warm Bottle and have a Great Wet Diaper Night!!

Add me to your circle would love to chat and be friends

great story, I would also like this

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We don't have a daddy, but can give you a mummy and a nanny.