To My Beautiful Daughter Elisha :-)

It seems like only yesterday With a teardrop in my eye That you were born into this world With a whimper and a cry The days flew by and days turned to weeks The weeks turn to month the months turn to a year then you was 2 And you learn something new Every time i See you I get that same ol’ tear I guess its cause you're growing up But to me it's just too fast I guess it's just that I'm afraid You're innocents wont last But as the years go stumbling by One thing will remain true You'll always be my baby girl No matter what you do.

But i guess its a shame your mother is a ***** an will not let me See you only now an again

I love you Elisha xxx
jayiddy jayiddy
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Can't you get legal custody of her?

Awh :)