Flavors Of Love

Sweet. Most people say that a man is sweet when he does things that make a woman’s heart skip a beat. Little gestures, such as a cute letter or extreme actions like filling your whole house with flowers are always a sure thing to wow a girl. This kind of love is ideal for any girl in a relationship.

Spicy. A spicy love is a love with a zing of passion – a very strong taste for a very strong feeling. This type of love is often mistaken for infatuation since it usually comes on too strong, especially at first. A spicy kind of love often involves risky behavior, like having a quickie in public – have you ever been that impulsive due to a very spicy love affair?

Sour. A relationship that has turned sour is definitely not the taste of passion. It is similar to spoiled food – something that used to taste good, but ended up tasting awful. Things must go severely wrong for a relationship to “go bad”. Is there still a chance for a sour kind of love? How could you salvage a relationship that has gone bad?

Salty. The taste of tears will most likely be the mark of a Salty Love. Though this expression is not heard very often, I’m sure that it is often felt. If your partner has brought you nothing but tears as you traverse through the tunnel of love, then this is the flavor for you.A salty love is very stressful for any person who undergoes it. I hope that none of you are experiencing it right now. If you think you are in one, then find a way to get out of it right now. There is no escape from the salty river of tears.

Bitter. After a love that has gone bad, people start developing a bad taste for one another. This is not exactly a flavor of love but rather an aftertaste. This bitter feeling will cling to our hearts for as long as we live, unless we get rid of this flavor with forgiveness. Even if we can’t fix the relationship, we owe it to one another to have peace in our hearts.

How about your relationship? What does it taste like? Have you ever felt any of the above?
enchantingjade enchantingjade
Jan 8, 2013