ok so i wass watching pee **** while having to pee really bad. i started to hold myself. i needed to relieve myself but i was watching such a good **** video. i felt a squirt of warm **** escape. it didnt leave a spot on my jeans but my panties were damp. it felt so good. i then reached my hand into my pants and started rubbing my self through my panties. i took my hand out and decided to chaenge myself to try to hold it with out using my hands. i took my other hand away from my crotch. i felt another warm squirt. my pants now have a little wet spot on them. i managed to stop. i watched a couple more **** vids and then the urge to pee hit strong. i was crossing my legs and bouncing up and down but it didnt work. i felt the warm **** filling my panties and dripping down my legs. it felt so good. i pissed for like a good minute. i was really horny after that so i took off my wet jeans and started rubbing myself through my panties. i reached my hand inside my panties and rubbed small fast circles above my hole. i then put my finger in my hole explored. i kept adding fingers. i got a fourth finger in there and curled all my fingers and climaxed right there. it felt so good and i plan to do it again tonight ;)

(first story so please no hate :)
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that sounds so great
i would love to see you doing it

I love peeing my pants

Sooo sexy