Went For Toy and Brought Back More

I have had the incredible urge to watch my wife have sex with another man. I have discussed this fantasy with her several times and she has somewhat agreed to try it "if" the situation was right. Well it seemed as if the situation was NEVER right but that all changed with my help one night. We had went clubbing with another couple friend of ours so drinking was involved for sure. While at the club the girls were out on the dance floor dancing and grinding on each other but only in a playful way. While the other guy and I were sitting at the table we started to discuss how much of a turn on it would be to watch the two girls get really nasty with each other. During the discusion I told him that I had a fantasy of watching her with another man. He laughed and said he felt the same way but couldnt talk his wife into trying it. After the girls came over to the table we made several comments about going back to our place and swapping up for the night. While my wife laughed it off with a simple "I bet you guys would like that" my friends wife got very pissed off about it and they began to argue. I tried to calm the situation by saying that we were only joking and that I had been the one to start it but nothing would calm her down. She finally got to the point that she wanted to leave but he insisted that he was staying. She said that would be fine with her and she would go home alone. After she left he went to the bar and bought several shots for himself, me, and my wife. We were all really buzzed and none of us really wanted to drive home. So we all agreed to take a cab and he could spend the night at our house and just go home the next morning when his wife had cooled off. My wife always takes a shower before going to bed so she uxcused herself to the bathroom as soon as we got home. While my buddy and I were in the living talking about the situation with his wife he made the comment that "she is already mad I wish I could get my money's worth out of it. He asked if I thought my wife would go for our idea and I told him I didnt think so because his wife wasnt there and it would be like cheating on her friend. So I told him of my plan. I told him I would leave the bedroom door unlocked and while my wife and I were having sex I would stop for a minute to get the ***** from the closet, which we have done several times when we feel naughty, and then let him take my place on the way back. My wife loves the doggy style position and I knew that this would be perfect for this situation. So my wife and I went to bed and sent my friend to the guest bedroom for the night. Everything was falling into place, I came into the bedroom last leaving the door unlocked. We began to have sex and she rolled over into her position of doggy style. I looked back at the door to see my buddy had already stuck his head in to get a peek at what was going on. I pulled out and told her I was going to get the toy and would be right back. I went to the closet grabbed the ***** and motioned for my buddy to come in. As soon as he walked in I noticed that he was already naked and had a full hard on from watching us. I also noticed that he seemed about an inch longer than me and a little thicker. I handed him the ***** and moved to the side as he approached my wife still in her position. I watched as he spit on the ***** and began to play with it on her **** and sliding it in. She moaned with plaesure and said to be careful because we didnt want our guest to hear us. Then while standing right next to my buddy I watched as he removed the ***** and positioned himself to enter her. I had never been more turned on in all my life. She was obviously enjoying the pounding as she said "WOW what has gotten into you tonight" At that point I knew that he was giving her more pleasure than I did. The next thing I knew my wife was havung an ****** with my friend inside of her. This must have really turned him on as well because soon after he was shooting his load deep inside of my wife. We had not discussed where he would bust his nut so this was a surprise to me but a good one because I was about to *** as well. She fell face first onto the bed just as I was busting my nut in my hand. She heard the extra groans and turned over before my buddy could turn to leave. She saw what had happened and only said " O my God" "Well I guess you got your wish huh?"
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That's a plan!

Excellent post! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Please lord tell us more. Did the other woman ever come around to your way of thinking. Would love to hear more about your wife.