********** At The Fire Station

while wait n on wife to get home  from out of town business  trip  , wife calls say n her meeting was  put off till tomarrow aften noon  ,then asked if i minded if she went out that night and get some  strange ,  whitch she knew the  answer to , but  she always asked  anyway  , her way of giving me something to think about  while she gone,  about  2 30 am phone rings again  its wife asking  permissin to fu-- -  a man she met at the bar  ,    she was tell n me how huge  his  endowment  was ,  say n  she just had to have  it  ,  12 and half long  6 round  ,   i sked to talk to  him,   joe told  me he  never had a women suck him the way  my submissive **** wife  just  did  ,,  i told him wife  loved  to  be told what  to  do  and  rougher the  better she liked  it  ,told  him  that he  was  in  charge  of the pu- - y  while  she was  there  ,  told him  to put wife  back on phone  , told  wife  joe  is  in charge  of  her pu - -y  while  there  ,  and told her i loved her and have fun  and  hung up  , 7 30  am   i gewt a phone  call from the  city fire station where she was  at  ,  it was  wife  tell n me joe was a fireman  and  before  she could get some 12 in  ****   she  had  to  do all  the  firemen on  duty  first  ,  she  had  to  do  10  other men that  morning  in order to  get  the good ****  ,  she   told me  she was glad  i  made joe in charge of the pu- - y  while  she was there  , said she would be home  in 3  hours  ,  and was bring n me some well sretched and used pu - - y  home,  i  could nt wait for her to get home  

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I am dreaming about her already