To Turn Off One's Mind

To turn off one's mind is the most unheard of statement. There are those that say to place your mind at ease, like a blank sheet of paper and then sleep will follow. Now this is based on the scenario of the mind going at a 100 miles per hour or perhaps many thoughts colliding at once on a restless night. I know so, many know as well as I but can we actually turn off the mind? Pause blank nothing ease or to listen without thought. We are influenced in a society where a sheet of paper cannot be left blank. As Children, we were given paper to use our imaginations to draw whatever came to mind, directed to write repetitive numbers/alphabets to help memorization and further to write a story by pen or paint set on canvas. What is the point here?, Well we have always been trained to use our minds, to attack anything that is blank, how can it be alright to rest the wary mind/turn it off then? The mind does rest in the Buddhist way through meditation and this is a very powerful tool. In conclusion: I just think it is fascinating at how we can accumulate so much in our brain that I believe thoughts are never at rest. I seriously lie awake endlessly at night thinking of all the possible case scenarios to bad endings or good endings particular to whats bothering me in my life. Its anything to everything bizarre that I can make happen in my mind.
carnelia carnelia
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

you can tune your mind into one thing,,,seeking pleasure,,then all the other cluttered thoughts seem to vanish

Your response is a typical guy one. Yes, I agree that any form of enjoyment can distracts the mind but only temporarily.

I agree