Swimming In The Hotel Pool

I started the new year off with a swim at a hotel pool with my wife and daughter. This time I only wore my one piece suit, a blue nike water polo. The entire pool area and locker room were empty when we got there. We swam for about 20 minutes before a family of 5 came in. We swam for a couple hours after that and no one ever said anything or even gave me any odd looks.

My suit was very obvious I'm sure, it's bright blue. The other family had a daughter, maybe about 12, and she was swimming under water with goggles and I'm sure she got a good look at my suit at some point. She never cared, nor did her mother care that she was swimming near me.
moosebob moosebob
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Did you have a hard on.

I certainly hope not. I understand that some poeple get sexual enjoyment about of wearing one-pieces which I agree with but that would be totally inappropraite with an erection in a family environment!

We often imagine people will be horrified at the sight of 'unusual' clothing on a man! One piece swimsuits used to be all you could get in the 20s/30s! Good for you for staying there and not chasing off to change! :)

In all my unusualness, I've never actually had a bad comment.