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I'm really thinking about wearing skirts or a dress in public. I don't mean dressed trying to pass as a woman. I mean with my full beard and all. I was thinking about the kilt thing and then I thought 'what the hell' I really want to wear a skirt or dress and I really don't want to try to pass as a woman. I like being a man and why not just go for it.
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I started wearing skirts about 2 months ago. Not all the time and not all places. I only have 2 now. A denim and a cargo skirt. Both are of course women's skirts and I bought them because they looked OK for me. I "really" enjoy the freedom of a skirt. I'm straight but I do like some feminine things just because I do. My wife is supportive but it's still hard for me to go to certain places with a skirt on. People are just too closed minded about these things. I FULLY support your decision to wear a skirt. I once wore a skirt early one day to the supermarket. It was fine and I enjoyed that too but for now I will stick to the skirts for my personal taste/comfort. Do it, and enjoy it.

Your married!? And your wife lets your wear a skirt!? I merely bring up the subject of wearing shirts 7 pants that are not only loose fitting, but made of rayon or silk and I am immediately turned away with a gal I met on-line or in person. And I am talking about shirts and pants - not skirts. Though long skirts are in my mind for comfort and freedom of movement.

Women wear anything and aren't branded at doing so. Men wear baggier shirts, pants or other loose garments are immediately branded as either a cross-dresser or a drag queen.
I found some comfy pants to wear that offer more comfort in the crotch. They are made of rayon viscose challis with a giving elastic waistband (drawcord tie too). These are super soft, very light in weight, black in color and very enjoyable to wear. Quite breezy when the wind blows though. Found 'em on Ebay, but they also look very similar to what Dharma Trading sells in the womens black rayon pants. Mine didn't have any labels on them other than what the seller told me. Seller claims mine are unisex. But the size matches what Dharma Trading sells. S/M and L/XL in black rayon viscose challis. Well, I don't care any ways, these are super soft, exceptionally very roomy, cool and comfortable.
Anything I wear that is loose fitting has to be of the thinner, lighter weight fabrics. I wear heavier clothing all day at work and it's nice to be able to put on something that doesn't weigh me down. I like the light airy feel of thinner, lighter wight loose clothing.
I had a family member (whom also taper my rayon pants - didn't care for the straight wide legs) make me a lighter weight rayon jersey knit pullover from a sweat shirt pattern. Turn out pretty good. The fabric is super soft, light in weight and cooler than a sweat shirt would be.

I think you should

Skirts and dresses are very nice on men,go for it.

Good for you. I occasionally wear skirts to, particularly in the warmer weather, as they are definitely more comfortable than shorts. Dresses are trickier, as it is hard to find any that fit well on the top. I have worn them, but prefer a t-shirt and skirt.

That they are. Most are fitted for the woman.

I posted this on another thread. This one is more of what I'm looking for being of soft woven rayon challis. Good fabric from breezy to windy warm days too.

Here are three more I posted. One is a short sleeve and kinda fitted in the top. The other would be comfy without the tied satin sash. The third one shows another feature to skirts and dresses I'm quite interested in. Would love to experience the challenges and difficulties of such garments on those rather to extremely blustery days.




WOW! I've only touch base with a few close friends about "maybe" wearing other lighter weight loose clothing and most of those friends don't talk to me any more. Mainly shirts and pants and they quickly turned away. Never mention about wearing long exceptionally loose garments (a.k.a. skirts). My job requires me to be in heavy, sturdy clothing. So naturally I like the lighter, softer, much more relaxed clothes for relaxation. I get tired of being in heavy clothes all of the time. I did finally break the ice wearing my very relaxed fitted rayon drawstring pants in public. That's a first for me and yes, I did get allot of flack for doing that. Still trousers, just made of a softer woven rayon fabric in a more relaxed fit. And it was a rather breezy day too, maybe that influenced the negative comments. Though I kinda like the breezy feel of the lighter clothes. That's one of the perks to wearing such clothes. Makes them feel many times cooler.

I do have a few skirts as well. First one was made from what was a sleeping bag to be used at motels/hotels if your uncertain to the cleanliness of the sheets/pillows. That one is royal blue silk made into a 36" long skirt. Kinda on the thin side, but oh so soft against the skin. Very cool on a hot, humid summer day. Next one I got from Cabela's why buying fishing gear. Brown, 38" long with just enough fullness to walk in for a 6 ft 6 in guy. Has pockets, elastic waist with belt loops and made of a crinkle rayon. My favorite. The other two later on are viscose, one kind of a purple like color and the other with a much swingier fit of a multi-color viscose. Recently one made of black 8 mm silk . I experimented with having the black silk underneath the purple viscose, which is under the multi-color viscose and then topped off with the blue silk. The combination is AWESOME! It has a nice soft feel, yet a lofty weighted, kinda masculine like feel too. That ended up being my #1 favorite for cooler weather.

Now, if I could only find a woman that will accept me for her man and we could share our lives together in full comfort. That would be Kool!

I was scared to death the first time I wore a skirt in public but I can say that I am so glad I did it. The real trick is to wear something that looks really nice at first. People seem to take you more seriously when you do. It takes a little time to get used to it but once you do it you'll keep doing it and become confident too. If you dress nice you'll start getting compliments from a few people and then you'll realise that its not such a big deal anymore. I wear skirts and dresses and it feels wonderful. Dont be afraid to go to stores and try on different things because thats how you learn what looks good on you and what doesnt. It is so much fun to go shopping because there are so many different styles for women than there are for men. Mens clothes are boring! Going to restaurants and stores in the earlier hours of the day when it wasnt so busy helped me at first but now i go out anytime of the day and it is so liberating. Go for it and act confident and have fun!

Id say go for it!!!!!!!
I do it all the time but it will be scary as hell the first but act confident and people wont notice!!!!

GO FOR IT!!!! If people don't like it, TOO BAD!!!

I am an over the road trucker, age 49. I have been wanting to ware a skirt in public for a long time but afraid of what people would say. My wife of 12yrs doesn't like skirts much , she wasn't raised wareing them. Not long ago I met a punk-rocker , he was wareing a long blk skirt , it was cool. Since then I have bought some skirts.Yesterday I wore my khaki skirt , with an ocean blue mens v-neck t-shirt and tennis shoes. It was the 1st time for me in public! :-) While wareing my skirt I fueled my truck @ the same truckstop where I met the punk-rocker. After I left I felt proud of myself for taking the 2nd step to true FREEDOM!!! (1st step was buying skirts).I hope my wife can get acustom to my skirt wareing. It is comfortable , relaxing and very enjoyable. I will keep on wareing them , buying them and I will design and make a few skirts too! Thanks for reading my comment.(sorry my fingers got long winded.) :-)

It is just as you step at a time.

Wore a grey knee length skirt with a loose white shirt on a hot day out with my wife and sons. Took in a street festival and recieved absolutely no negative remarks. <br />
Ps. This was in Edmonton, a very blue collar city.

While I am not from Edmonton I have worn a skirt when I was there.

i just got 2 new dresses yesterday (as they were on sale) and after trying them on i wore one out to the bar without any problem, i just walked in and no one said anything except for one girl who said the dress suits me, which i was glad to hear as i never know if a new style on me looks good or not i have several female friends who normally tell me if we are out and i try anything on but as i bought this from J P Penny online i was not to sure it would look good but it does and i was very happy to hear some one say so (there is a photo on my profile the first dress in new dress due to sale album) as soon as i was told it suited me i relaxed and then was much happier.<br />
<br />
so if you want to go out in a skirt for the first time tell a friend (female is best) and try to get them to say weather something suits you then go out with them where ever you want to, some where you normally go is best where people know you as that gets two things over with in one go.<br />
i wish you luck as i know how hard it is to start with, the first time out = very hard, second time out = hard, third time out = who cares any more its me that counts.

You need to go for it. I have worn a short denim skirt, sometimes with pantyhose other times without anything at all. That and high heels is a great feeling. Stange looks sometimes, but who cares. It is their problem.

Do it!<br />
One day in last summer I had a long white lace skirt (see-through, a sheer black pantyhose underneath) and a sheer white blouse on and went to a nail-salon for a manecure and nail-polish. That was a great experience and so arousing!<br />
Next summer I will wear a nice short summer-dress and nothing underneath (maybe a sheer or a patterned black pantyhose underneeth - we will see...) and go shopping for dresses or skirts. Unfortunately I never did that until now, but I want it so much...

i have on a skirt lace tank top pink bra panties & sandles now

Why not go for it.<br />
I also started a bit scared, but by time you find out that it is nothing special. On my freetime I nowmore only wer skirts, all from ankle lengt to mini all bought in woman shops and with matching tops. never had a bad comment, but of course a few looks and smiles, some kids pulling and trying to lift the skirt etc. but never any bad experience only good, much nicer reception in many shops.<br />
I also wear dresses and it is the same.<br />
This evening I wear a very short pink mini with pink leggings with lace and a very fem top with a lot of frills.<br />
Was out to the supermarket and shop attendants or other people had no bad comments<br />
<br />
So please go for it

Well I went to a rummage sale yesterday and I decided to wear a skirt . It was a long one that comes past your knees and I did get a few looks but all in all it was a good experience. Keep in mind my head is almost shaved and I have a beard. No it did not look like a kilt. It was a womans skirt. I should have taken some pics. But that will be another day. I will be sporting skirts this summer.

Was anything said to you directly or perhaps behind your back that you could hear? Yes there will be odd looks. So what, the first time I wore a skirt and found out just how comfy it was I was hooked. Just keep wearing them as a Man. Not as anything fem. People will just ignore you which is what mostly happens with me. Should you be in the company of a woman, so much the better.

Just go ahead. I wear kilts and skirts.Just dress yourself as a man, dont try to pass yourself off as a woman. When you go out go with a sense of purpose and basically ignore those around you except the ones you need to interact with - store clerks, gas sta attendant etc. Wear a solid color - jean, kahki, black maybe blue -for the most part people will just ignore you. Sometimes wou will get odd looks - ignore them. My experiance is that people that do speak to you will be supportive.

just do it i do the same i wear skirts most of the time as most dresses do not fit the male fr<x>ame as we are larger on the top compared to the bottom i have to wear size 14 skirts but a size 20 top or dress.<br />
<br />
i do not try to pass as a woman i tried that rough but it was not me i just want to be able to wear a skirt or dress as a man, i have since i was young but didn't have the confidence but now i am older (57) i do as i like i have found out if you are happy with the way you are then other people are too but if you are scared or ashamed then other people will react that way as well.<br />
<br />
so wear what ever you want as long as it is decent ( no skirts that show your knickers) and be happy in it and go out with confidence

Me to I love the comfort of dresses and skirts and the look of them much more than pants

I like to wear silkskirts under my pant I enjoyed with my silkskirts manytimes. I love to wear silkskirts always ,secretly. I am a Man , I like Girls.

Yes, do it. I wore skirts and dresses over my ripped jeans (black pantyhose underneath) in many occasions and love shopping in this clothes (and I love the nice views of the girls, too :). And if you are naughty enough wear the skirt (or the dress) without underwear and cut your jeans to free your bottom and crotch! The people don't know, that your jeans are open under your skirt. That's freedom, arousing! (Yes, I did it many times...) But don't think about sex, otherwise the people can see how you feel... :)

well i do hope you choose to do it would love to hear how you got on i have been out in skirts and dresses many time with a full fem look and never had any problems with that. i have also been out dresses in a pretty pink maids outfit and seen by many of the public again with no bad reaction only a few funny stares or giggles but then i was quite obvious that i was a humiliated sissy as i was also on a lead