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Hummilliated Sissy

I was fixing my sons car one afternoon at home alone and needed to take it for a test drive. I had bought some girlie clothes from the Sallies that morning and thought I would take the opportunity to try some on and walk around outside in a quiet park while I was out. I drove to an area away from home and put on a mini skirt and girlie top and my womens sandals. I didn’t want to be seen as I had on a mini skirt so chose a very quiet area with no one around. I got out of the car and wandered around the park then feeling excited and game wandered down a deserted street. A couple of schoolgirls about 16 coming home from school came around a corner and spotted me. One smiled to herself and the other had a look of disapproval on her face. I had nowhere to hide and had to stand there while they walked past and stared at me. It was so exciting to be looked at by these schoolgirls, but very scary, and instead of walking away I forced myself to stand there like a sissy in my mini skirt while they walked up the street and kept turning around to look at me. I normally wear a longer skirt out for a walk and this is the only time I went out in a mini. I felt so humiliated to have them look at me dressed like that but I loved it. The outfit I wore is in my > going out dresses album titled > Looked at by schoolgirls.
KarenStm KarenStm 61-65, M 14 Responses Jan 4, 2012

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Schoolgirls are so cute I would giggle if they saw maybe I'll even pose for them.

I'd love a woman to force me to pose for her and her female friend and giggle at me.

Yes I love that also.

Thats cool. Where I live now the people expect to see a woman walking around at night. It's a small town and I am letting more People know as time goes along.

Sounds like you can easily walk around at night dressed as a woman. It is exciting letting people see you wearing womens clothes.

I see girls every afternoon now that school has started when I get the mail in my short petticoats and dresses. It doesn't bother me at all anymore. I love all the attention I get.

You do get used to it after a while, the excitement wears off, and then seek out more exciting experiences while being seen in a dress.

I can imagine that it was a humiliation for you, but I think in a way you also liked it as being a thrilling moment

It was a very thrilling moment laikagirl, I loved it.

My legs were not shaved i dont need to they dont have much hair on them and the few hairs there are are bleached blonde by the sun. Thats one advantage of wandering around my back yard in sun dresses.

Fortunately the young girls did not attack you while in the park. Today these are the things you hear of in the news.

Yes you do hear of some ratbag girls like that. These girls were nice and quite safe, and suprised to see a man in womens clothes.

Thank you Skedish, I do feel pretty and feminine parading around at home in a mini pretending to be a girl but feel scared and too exposed in public in mini skirts and this is the only time I went for a walk in a mini skirt.<br />
<br />
Thats right rndmn it is too daring, I feel safer in 3/4 length skirts out in public, thats daring enough.

i wish i had a place to go out dressed and be able to walk about and enjoy nature,first of all i dont have any parks safe enough to be able to be alone and second, i have only gone for a drive while dressed,which i must say, feels so free and wonderful, i am happy <br />
for you to able get out as you please

I guess I am lucky there are many safe areas around here Ray, It is wonderful to be outside in womens clothes why dont you try your back yard on dark nights?

Karen...thanks a lot for sharing your story..The scene is delightful when you are trotting about in short skits and towering heels in a secluded park hoping to be alone and not really getting the confidence to feel passable but suddenly you have to face a group of people..., a couple of them look at each other and burst out laughing, a few start giggling between themselves, some look at you in disapprobation while one of them gives you a hard look and you get scared that he might actually come and hit you..Their reactions vary but they never cease to excite you...

Thank you ladies for your positive comments, It is nice to have real girls read about my experience and approve.
Saginawgirl your Steffi has taught you about the wonderful enjoyment crossdressing gives us and I am so glad you love your Steffi in womens clothes.

Jessica it is nice to see you share the delights of submission and hummilliation and understand the joy and excitement it gives me.

You 2 ladies have given me much enjoyment and excitement with your wonderful comments.

Karen, what a lovely story. I love the way you musy have been feeling, my Steffi loves the summer when she can wear a mini skirt or dress, and her legs are lovely, stockinged gorgeous, with frilly suspenders, makes me wet to be out with her in the summer like that. But in colder weather she is always gorgeous anyway. I am thrilled to read your story, thrilled and grateful,<br />
<br />
Love Avice xx

Sometimes the best experiences seem to happen by accident but actually you or I have to do something to start things in motion. Just changing the clothes and going for an innocent stroll created the opprotunity for what had to be an unplanned but thrilling encounter. Well done Karen, keep up the good work.

Thank you girls for those nice comments. I seem to always want further adventures outside in a dress and I may consider going for some walks in mini skirts. As rndmn pointed out it is daring and gives more exposure as it compells people to notice you more and exposes you more as a girlie sissy than a conservative crossdresser. I think you need to wear high heels though to show off a mini skirt.

I hope you felt pretty and feminine walking down the street; you look great in short dresses and skirts.

Wearing a mini skirt in public is so daring. there is just something about those few extra inches of legs showing that compels people to look at you more.