Oops.. (:

Looks like I forgot to wear panties today.. Oops (: just my smooth bare *** and my perfectly shaven ***** under my skirt.

Maybe I'll see someone sexy enough at the office that makes me "accidentally" spread my legs open a little too far just so they can get a perfect view of my *****. Ohhh and then picking who I'm gonna walk up the stairs in front of, with a little more of a hop to my step just so they get all my *** right in their face. I think I'll be doing extra extra bending over today too lol either standing infront of a man so he gets my bare *** vagina rubbed right against his ****. Or a girl already sitting down so when I bend over her face is right in my ***** ready to be licked(;

REAL STORY, Im on the bus riding downtown to work and as I realized Im not wearing panties, I started writing about it on here. The thought of doing all this today turned me on so much i instantly became wet! (Im so horny today I hope I don't end up so wet, squirting making *** run down my legs uncontrollably for all my coworkers to see! Hopefully I'll be able to hold myself together.. Ha ya right.) but on the bus No one sitting next to me so I pull my skirt up just enough to sneak my hand slowly up between my thighs. As I get higher I can already feel the warm wet juices on my thighs, sliding my fingers up to my soaked wet clean hot ***** I start tickeling and barely touching myself as I close my eyes and my head falls back. I decided to just enjoy(: I couldn't handle just a lil touch of course, so I rub my ***** in the perfect motion my body starts subtly moving along with, gliding my own **** back and forth, harder, slower then faster, my fingers entwined between my pussylips. The bus stops. Ughhh so my eyes open and as people started boarding i look right across from me and couldn't miss the huge hard bulge in the mans dress pants. He had been watching me pleasure myself, my vagina right in his eyesight, I was so into it I didn't even notice he was there! The bus starts moving again, that being the last stop before I get off [ha(;] no one else could really see me in action & since he already witnessed why not?.. I look him directly in the face, lick my fingers slowly, & go straight back down to my *****, massaging gently but quickly getting harder I shove one finger up my tight wet ***** and let out a slight moan.. Oh well lol. Slowly going in and out, my other fingers still slipping and sliding all over fondling my juicy ***** lips, I force that second finger hard into me shoving them as far and deep as I could. I couldn't keep it in longer I was making myself ****** and was about to scream! I covered my face with my sweatshirt, put one leg propped up on the seat to get my fingers even deeper into my throbbing drenched *****. Wiggling them inside I can feel myself tighten. There's already ***** juices all over my vagina, thighs, skirt, and the bus seat but I can feel it coming! Open my eyes, the man still there watching me while he's rubbing himself pants soaked from obvious ***. I didn't even stop to acknowledge him, it's like my hands wouldn't stop. My legs are still wide open for him to see me finish off hard, as I finger **** the **** outta myself I squirt and squirt non stop, juices flowing everywhere I've never made myself feel so good before!

I sat there for a minute recuperating and realized that this all started from me not putting on any panties this morning and the "idea" I had of showing myself off a little for a stranger. Two minutes later, there I was legs spread ************ on a bus infront of someone I will never see again. Somehow, still so amazing!
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nicely written good story...:)

Which bus and route county country. I wanna ride that all day.

Do like a lose inspection

Do like a lose inspection

Love this story. I wish I were there, I would definitely pleasure myself too ;)

i'm a big fan


Damn...read it again and am working on another.

You made me shoot my *** all over...you need to add me!

Add me I have so many questions