Looking For A Panty Party

I would love to find a "Panty party" where I live but don't know if I would have the nerve to go if I found one. It's very obvious that there are more than a couple of us out here that love to wear panties and would like to share with other guys that felt the same. I enjoy reading stories where a group of guys get together in their panties and slips to enjoy the company of each other and some mutual ************. It's not something you look up in the phone book or run an add for in the newspaper (do we?), but even if I did find one, how do I know it's legitimate? Most of us are so paranoid that we would never act on such a desire in fear that we would be outed as different. With the exception of my one experience, see "How many is a room full", it's a dream I will continue to have and hold on to.

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I would reason these kinds of parties are pretty rare. Hard to set up, hard to get people to come, even if they are interested. Maybe in some place such as San Francisco which has a large community. Occasionally established crossdressing meetings occur and usually go out to bars and clubs that welcome gay/bi/cds. You need to try to find these clubs, hang out there and see if anyone knows anything I would guess.<br />
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And altho I am straight, I have often fantasized about walking into a large room filled with lingerie clad pantyboys- so full that you must slide against bodies to move around the room- all of us dressed in silky slips and satin nighties.

That is my fantsey too. I am not sure where to find a group of guys to share this with. Only solution is to invite your friends you have and maybe they can introduce there friends and gradually there would be enough guys in frilly little girls dresses and panties to have a really fun party.

we all would like to find that panty party to enjoy every weekend. Hummmmmmmm.. maybe this is the real EP we should be starting here. setting up panty parties for us cross dressing and sissy boys to meet.