Plastic Mac And Plastic Pants

Browsing through EP, I wonder if anyone out there wears or has worn a nappy ( seem to be called diapers on EP) with a plastic raincoat?
I have to wear pull ups and plastic pants sometimes due to a slight problem and was recalling - to my wife, the days when I was growing up and being made to wear a plastic mac and nappy. I find the sensation of pull-ups, plastic pants and plastic raincoat rather amazing and it reminds me of having to wear the nappy back in days long gone. I know the psycholigists would say loads of stuff about this, but they can shut up - this is fun!

When I was about 13 people still wore plastic macs and I was no exception, in fact I had already discovered the delights of them and being fastened into a mac by my mother to be taken out. Of course I would protest, just a bit, I mean one couldn't be seen to enjoy being buttoned into a plastic mac on a day when it "looked like it might rain later". However, I would protest about having to be put in a nappy and rubber (yes, rubber) pants if we were to spend anything other than a couple of hours out. Many a time I would be spanked into submission as my mother made me put on what seemed like a huge bulging cloth nappy and those disgusting rubber pants which had metal poppers which dug into my legs like an instrument of torture. Indeed, those pants were an instrument of torture, evil smelling, flesh coloured rubber which would heat up to an unbelievable level during a shopping trip, especially when worn under a long plastic mac. I am not sure when this happened, but on one long boring shopping expedition I was increasngly getting excited in my mac, I discovered that if I moved in a certain way the nappy and rubber pants would generate not only heat but a different, far more enjoyable sensation altogether. Secure and safe from observation, buttoned in the mac, I could pleasure myself to the heart's desire of any 14 year old boy!
Now I am a frequent wearer of the plastic mac, I like to wear my pull-ups and plastic pants with the mac, they go so well together! As for being 'put in my mac', my wife does that, which is another story!
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I like to be fastened into a plastic mac and always have done. I often go out in a plastic mac even when it is not raining as I find then so sexy to wear.