Just Another Day, Being Here But Not Here...

i dont really know what to write? I feel bad i dont feel complete or 100% happy? I am tired of only having thoughts, but no chance to share my voice. it would be nice to have someone to talk too. I attend class, go to work, then i go home. lol, not that i dont ever talk, i do. but just small simple talk, no conversations. I know my life is good, im a mom, a wife, a student, with a job, and have a roof over my head with good running vehicles... Should i feel sad i have noone to speak with, or simply noone to share a coffee with? a house full of loved ones, but alone? ha, i think i sound stupid... for feeling alone in a home where i know im loved. like as of now, at this moment... i wish i would be talking to someone (face to face) not typing this out. seems not real. facebook sucks, no real interactions, skype if someone answers but not everyone does skype, facetime on iphone, ha need wifi to get a good connection, text is so old, and no one ever wants to talk on the phone... when did face to face communications come so out dated.
AlwaysWhy AlwaysWhy
36-40, F
Jan 5, 2013