More Night Touch.

Here is my latest sleeping touch. We had been out walking covering about 10 miles, so my wife was quite tired when she went to bed, I knew that she would fall a sleep quickly and deeply.

It was quite a hot night and my wife came to bed in a t-shirt and panties, I was surprise but realised that if I could I would be able to gain access to her p***y very easily.

Sure enough, she lay on her back and within a few minutes was sound asleep, as always I waited until her breathing soften and then began my touch build up.

One hand on her stomach and one hand on the top of her thigh, then slowly stroke and squeeze, waiting to see if there is any reaction, as none came a moved the thigh hand to the edge of her panties and with two fingers stroking her.

This is quite a sensitive part, and she can pull away at this point, I find that if I am able to stroke her and she does not move, I can begin to move my stomach hand down her pubic bone.

Now I have one hand holding the top of her p***y, running my finger under her panties, and the other hand is now slowly stroking and pushing into her lips through her panties.

So far, she has not moved, I noticed her breathing has changed but nothing else, gaining in confidence I moved over her p***y and pulled at the edge of her panties, I slowly moved them back across exposing her.

At this point she did move but to only open her legs more by pulling the knee of her right leg up and out. Now I have a much greater access to her and pulled her panties all the way back, now fully exposing her.

Here my wife slept and she had no idea that I was exposing her most private area and was about to explore her with my fingers.

I did have much fun with her, for about 30 minutes I fingered her and rubbed her, pulling her lips as wide as I could which allowed me to rub her. I could feel my self dripping and decided to use the pre to lub her.

With my fingers covered in pre I rub harder and deeper than I thought I would ever be able to, and all the time she just slept.

In the end she moved, not as a response to the touching and fingering and rubbing but just as you would as you slept.

This had been one of the best night touches and I wanted to share this with you all.

What is really hot for me about this, is as I type this my wife is sat on the other side of the room, still completely unaware of how much she was touched last night and how I am sharing this with you all.

As I have said, email me if you would like to see what her p***y looks like and to check out her 34FF(s)
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4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Very nice, very nice indeed. Nicely written.

Loving doing similar sneak attacks on my sleeping wife (hand in her pjs / panties).

Roll on summer when hopefully access to her sleeping ***** will be even easier.

Loved it...

Tell us more

Very hot story .. reminds me of how I used to finger my wife while she slept .. I'd finger her until she got super wet and then slide a finger inside. After a while she would wake up and we'd **** hard and fast and after I dumped inside her we'd go back to sleep. I'd love to see your wife's ***** and ****!

Would love to see and swop similar