I Have Turned Charlie On!

My daughter thinks I am nuts!  But I don't care.

Today I have had lots of fun with Fred, pressed Charlie's buttons, turned Bill on, even had a sort out with Jack and John!

Now don't get the idea that I have been having some sort of **** or that my house is full of men.  It is just that I have a dopey habit of naming things.

Fred is my computer, Charlie is my microwave, Bill is my cooker and Jack and John are my fridge and freezer.

I remember once having a yellow sports car, I named her Duchess, but after a series of small repairs, as I was leaving the garage I said, "any more repairs and I will rename you Tin Lizzy", her hub cap promptly fell off!  So I apologised and she behaved herself for a few more years.

Is anyone else as daft as I am or have a peculiar habit?

mahler mahler
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2 Responses May 20, 2008

LOL! Can't find mine either owlie, must be with my memory!

I dub all my cars girls and give them names..like a pet.I talk to my fish.A huge comet fish whose name is Sirloin. I comment to the TV about news I'm hearing.I vent out loud and I live alone.I do not name my appliances but call them nasty names if they don't work well...and threaten to replace them unless they do better. I've lost my mind and cannot find it.