Making a Go of It

We have been together for almost two years now. It will be two years in September.

In the first year it was that wonderfully jittery butterflies & excited feeling of being with someone. In the second year we moved in together & it was adjusting to that & also enjoying him being around all the time. But during these 2 years, I have grown & changed. When I entered this relationship I wanted someone who would love me & stick up for me & make me laugh. Someone passionate about being with me. & I got that. But I've grown & changed & now I want to be with someone who is that but also cares about a wider of spectrum of things... whose deep core values are to love & care for everybody around us because life is short & we are all suffering not understanding why we are here. He doesn't behave like someone who believes those things & really attempts to live in that way.

I told him this last night. I said that I would be a lucky girl if I wanted to be with a man who was wonderful in a domestic sense. Would never forget to surprise me with flowers & would try to make me laugh. But that I wanted more than that... that I needed more than that in my life.

He said he knew & that he wished he could be more like me. He wished everybody in the world was more like me & I felt sad for him for having to try so hard in order to be with me.

But I said it. So maybe this third year will be about growing together in that way. I think I hope so.

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2 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Perhaps he is going about it the wrong way. The path to depth and solidity of core values is never trying too hard to emulate *others*. I would (perhaps somewhat un-humbly ;) ) suggest that now that you have found your own path to your values, you might want to help him along his own path, to his *own*, rather than towards yours necessarily. If you can both reach your own understandings, then the path ahead for your relationship will be much more about consensus than if he is just striving to keep up with you :)

Thank you