I Told My Boyfriend I Want To Be His Sex Slave

I finallly worked up the courage to let my boyfriend know how I felt and that I wanted to serve as his sex slave. He laughed at me. A little later he joined me in bed and started to lick my ***** hard and fast until I came. I don't know how to take his reaction it has been about two weeks and we haven't talked about it. I'm just not sure what to think

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6 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I understand how you feel, I told the same thing to my bf but he doesn't seem to care, now i am sexually upset and in a bad mood around him.

Why the he double thoothpicks can I not find a gal who wants to be my sex slave? I am an attractive guy who is good hearted. Where do I find my sex slave gal at it sounds like a lot of fun to me.

hey i have the same problem.. my bf told me that sometimes he wants to punish me, tu use me.. but then i told him: "that's a great idea.. and i feel so horny... sometimes i just want you to use me, **** me, make me scream, i love to feel a little pain.. that's so exciting.." but he doesn't do anything... i keep telling him that i will do ANYTHING to please him.. anything he wants.. but he doesn't do anything..

Start being submissive and see if he begins to take advantage of it. Something to start with might be as simple as asking if he would like you to go out with him without any panties under your dress. See if he would like to write something on you, like "My *****", or "My *****", etc. Encourage him to "use" you. Like, deepthroat him as deep as you can take it. If he hesitates because you start to gag, or something. Reassure him that the only thing that you want, is to make him feel good. Have you encouraged any 3-somes? Having a couple of willing females who are there to take care of his needs (try and find a submissive woman to be the third party) would encourage most men I know to want more.

You are beginning to discover your deeper submissive nature. I hope your boyfriend can recognize the gift that you are offering to him and take you where you want and need to go.

You are an awesome girl, and it would be a shame your boyfriend didn't take this opportunity, keep it up, maybe later he'll understand.