I did it. I finally told my sister that I'm bipolar and have been suicidal. In all honesty, I only told her because I was going to be sent back to a mental hospital if I didn't come up with some other place where I would be "safe". I cracked and agreed that the Doctor could talk to my sister, that I would be staying at my sister's house for a few days, that I would check in with the Dr and my Therapist daily, that I would give my meds to my sister so she could dispense them to me one day at a time to prevent my trying to OD, and that if any of I did not adhere to any part of this agreement law enforcement was going to getting envolved.

I feel like I'm on Parole!

Shonnie Shonnie
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2008

Well , maybe you should have been trying to help heal yourself instead of screwing around with ****.. you have a long way to go if you truly want to get out of "parole" try thinking about other people and the impact that you've had on them with your selfishness and suicidal attempts, mental illness or not .. you have a means of being mentally well and you try to throw it away .. for what .. ? Nothing is that bad in life .. no matter who we are.. it is what we make of it.. we are the creators of our own life.. Now you 've given your sister the respondsiblity of you and because she loves you she's taken that role .. I hope you sincerely do get better,, you have an opportunity to be health and happy if you choose to.. .. I think it would crush you sister if something should happen to you while on her watch.. I shake my head with the thought .. good luck..